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NYC Annual Tribute to 9/11 in Light Art Installation (LIVE) | USA TODAY

Two parallel light beams will light up the sky to represent the fallen skyscrapers as part of the annual Tribute in Light public art installation.

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    I promise I'm joining usa military and I'm gonna make sure talbians get there last breath on earth

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    Why weren't the beams placed in the middle of the memorials for both towers

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    “In memoriam…on September 11th, 2001; so many individuals, American citizens and people from more than 90 countries alike have fallen victim to the deadliest terrorist attack in American history; undoubtedly and incontestable in fact, a terribly atrocious waste of human life. Ergo, in mourning…shall we, the living remain true to those people; in essence, to not only remember them, but to remain stoic in our moral integrity and to rejoice in the perseverance of the American Spirit.”


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    9/11 sorry guys if your families where There.. it make me cry😭

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    I’m still sad my grandma died in the Pentagon 😩😩😩😩🥺🥺🥺😪

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    Rip our Angels who were not for funding CIA s worst movie treasons to the United States

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    Condolences to the victims family and friends not forgetting the ones that helped out on that unfortunate day may God bless you all greetings from 🌴fiji islands🌺

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    R.I.P all who died on that horrible day 😢🙏

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    My humanity died that same day as well as my father Carlos Santos Vega R.I.P dad even to this day you're still the only thing keeping me and my sanity together

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    Never forget! i would hate to have a birtday on this day!

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    Honor from Finland to the people who lost there live or family members

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    Everybody remember Building 7???
    You know the building that collapsed within itself after being hit by NOTHING
    WAKE UP!!!!

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    I can see this from my house right now rip..

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    it was a sad day peopoled thatdiedent deserve to die died

    rip 2019

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