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Nurse donates her kidney to baby boy

Taylor Pikkarainen, a nurse from Minnesota, was working with COVID-19 patients in New Jersey when she learned that baby Bodie Hall needed a new kidney.

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    Wow – a real human being & a real hero

    I've had a kidney out from cancer & I can tell you she's nuts – not a fun experience at all

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    Beautiful women.

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    Awwww cute lil one, bless and positive vibes to both. 🥰🤩

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    God bless the nurse!!

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    Faith in humanity is restored a little bit

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    Vote and Pray 🙏 #Trump2020 and keep this Country safe from the lying Democrats #MAGA20

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    Human strong

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    why everyone in the family has kidney problem . probably because of the water they are drinking.

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    Please be an organ donor.

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    She is an angel. God bless her and the family.

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    What an angel she is. . . giving life. <3

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    Person who disliked this video is not human and never appreciated life and giving

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    1:21 him playing with a toy car and showing it to us now thats cute as hell and of would love to let him play with my toy car collection 😀

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    How does an adults kidney fit inside a babies body!?🤔

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    To diet the Kidney could lead to heart failing diets due to loss of taste that leads to more intake due to suppressed unoverwhelming appetite that isn't pacifier complete.

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    It's super rare to find someone like this, even I wouldn't give me kidneys to a random person

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    I have no words … this nurse went out her way literally and donated her organ for FREEEEEEEEEEE and she is working in a trillion dollar industry … the medical industry is slimey, and bleeds corruption 🤮🤢🤢🤢

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    What a beautiful thing 💜🙏

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