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Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil announces his resignation from public office

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil announced on Thursday that he is stepping down as premier and Liberal party leader, saying after 17 years in provincial politics, “it’s time to do something else.” McNeil said he would stay on until a new leader is elected.

“I’ve always believed governing is not about power, but about purpose.” McNeil said at a press briefing held after a cabinet meeting.

The premier says he looked at stepping down earlier, but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“I’ve always believed leadership matters, leadership is important but it needs to change. It can’t stay the same for the health of the organization and the province.”

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  1. Avatar

    His humility shines through!!

  2. Avatar

    I still cringe at the term "colored people". Why is this still acceptable in 2020?

  3. Avatar

    Why NO BLACK FIREFIGHTER'$ in Hamilton Ont. ?….any in Nova $cotia ?

  4. Avatar

    ✍🏿 the Wong’s.. is not what government should b.. at the end of the day anywhere it about getting money to the right people and deserving people..

  5. Avatar

    Justin trudeau is next to jump ship but neither have a place to run

  6. Avatar

    I think your as embarrassed of your so called leader as CANADIANS who don't have their heads up their yang

  7. Avatar

    Wow what a coward to step down in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of the investigation of the Nova Scotia shooter, and in the middle of an economic depression in one of the best provinces in the Canada what a total loser and total lightweight McNeil is

  8. Avatar

    When it comes time for a leader to step up in the time of need it's not surprising to see what this total loser Stephen McNeil is doing

  9. Avatar

    Why is Stephen McNeil outlining anything the government is done when he is abandoning the government and the people of Nova Scotia this guy is a total loser and total lightweight good riddance

  10. Avatar

    Can't you just be a real man and say I quit without trying to soften what you were actually doing Stephen. You are a quitter and a loser and a lightweight you are abandoning the people of Nova Scotia when they need you the most

  11. Avatar

    Trudeau is hiding in his basement, hoping that Canadians will forget about his WE Scandal.

  12. Avatar

    As a Nova Scotian, This puts a smile on my face.

  13. Avatar
    change thecurrent

    put that man in prison. don't llet him leave this province.

  14. Avatar
    change thecurrent

    repeal the state of emergency law and all of this goes away. this law was never meant to be abused or be used as a way to make new laws with no parliamentary over sight, procedure or adherence to the constitution of nova Scotia and Canada.

  15. Avatar

    I say jump and distance myself from ANYTHING liberal. Jump and 'stay the blazes home'.

  16. Avatar

    Nothing can stop what is coming…Nothing.

  17. Avatar

    Who will step down next?

  18. Avatar

    See ya, the less Liberals the better. Turd-o should take notes.

  19. Avatar

    Good, scram loser

  20. Avatar

    The elites are allegedly members of a global Satanic pedophile network, and some, mostly left-wing, politicians are as well. qmap,pub

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