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Nova Scotia home scares with Halloween display of ocean pollution

Angela Riley has decorated her house for Halloween with 45 kilograms of trash found on the shoreline. Her aim is to get trick-or-treaters and their parents thinking about ocean pollution. 

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  1. Avatar

    Hahaha…dumping of garbage in the sea..that scary..

  2. Avatar
    Marpole Motorized

    Heather the Mushroomhead all she does is lie even her husband don't want to talk to her about covid even he thinks she's full of s***

  3. Avatar

    Yesssss 👏👏👏

  4. Avatar

    Neighborhood starts dumping their trash on her lawn , we thought this was Neighborhood clean up. Lol

  5. Avatar

    The only GARBAGE that is missing is XI JINPING himself for allowing pollution to be so great.

  6. Avatar

    I witnessed trash news.

  7. Avatar

    How horror has evolved…

  8. Avatar
    Communication Failure7600

    Activism never takes a break! Yay to our hero “The Virtue Signaler”

  9. Avatar

    Rubber lobster bands are making the common loon and eider duck extinct in Canada.

  10. Avatar

    Show them our trash that we send to other countries – that truly is a horror story.

  11. Avatar

    CBC How about a update on :mass shooting cover up, Native Fisheries RACISM, Williams LAKE police brutality, and WRONGFUL POLITICAL arrest of MENG WANZHOU .

  12. Avatar

    The scariest part is they give out apples

  13. Avatar

    Happy Brett who people should be sameness in pandemics time

  14. Avatar

    Because the lockdowns aren't depressing enough for the kids.

  15. Avatar

    How clever!! Bet Greta loves it.

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