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Northern Ireland: Former enemies come face to face

A former British solider and a former IRA prisoner have united to warn that there cannot be a one-sided prosecutions amnesty in Northern Ireland.

Lee Lavis and Michael Culbert spoke to Sky News as the British Army prepared to mark 50 years since troops were first deployed to Belfast.

Operation Banner, which ran from 1969 until 2007, remains the longest continuous deployment for the British military.

Sky’s David Blevins reports.

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    It's really unfortunate that religion divides them.

  3. Avatar

    I hope Ireland stays peaceful, all of the 32 counties of Ireland should be at peace!

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    United Ireland bullshit anti British propaganda! From sky fake news.

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    Soy News are calling the terrorist attack today in Sydney Australia as someone did something. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Both Republican and Loyalist paramilitary murderers got amnesties, and now both both communities over there oppose any such amnesty for British soldiers …. in that case f-off once and for all, Catholic and Protestant alike.

  7. Avatar

    Former enemies come face to face yet our politicians up at Stormont have had 2+ years of no government. It's going to be a few generations yet before real progress is made for the majority of people on all sides

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    Torries are going to bring back the Troubles in NI with a no deal BREXIT. It is going to kick off big time and now with the internet and globalization the IRA is going to be more organized and better armed. A unified Republic is almost assured. LET THIS KICK-OFF !!!!

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    Religion has killed more people than cancer

  10. Avatar

    There is a big problem within Islam which the world needs to start facing. It can only get bigger as their population grows in the mass

  11. Avatar

    Terrorists need to be executed. I hope the cop’s family gets even.

  12. Avatar

    British Troops should be held accountable for any wrong doing they participated in on the Northern Ireland people

  13. Avatar

    Served with Lee , good lad , spoke very well, hopefully there be peace and no going back to the dark days

  14. Avatar

    Im ex forces and im so pleased that MAYBE we can ALL put all the grief behind us . Keep talking thats the key 😎

  15. Avatar

    There has to come a time when people can come together in someway whether they are victims or perpetrators on both the british and terrorist sides in N Ireland .I know it will be really hard for many to do that but it has to happen if there is ever to be real peace.The good friday agreement has proved good things can happen if all sides are prepared to talk and actually do something for change.That does NOT mean the victims families should forget in anyway their family members deaths or indeed excuse those perpetrators .But there has to be more willingness to change things or the good Friday agreement will mean nothing and will end all co operation on all sides..

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    soon new clashes after brexit u`ll see

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    Such a beautiful country deserves peace and friendship never mind religion or borders.

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    Good to see this, it must have been very difficult for the former soldier. Only though mutual respect can things improve. The British have to understand the need to be careful and diplomatic, let's not allow the extremists and ultranationalism latitude to dominate the debate. Sort out Brexit and don't disregard Irish sensibilities. Also recognise that the terrorist acts at Lough island and Ballymurphy can't be put aside. Collusion has to be addressed.

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