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Northern Cyprus reopens Varosha beach for the first time in 46 years

The beachfront of Varosha has been opened to the public on Thursday for the first time in 46 years in a move by the Turkish-backed government of Northern Cyprus. Hundreds of people descended on the beach in the former resort town that was abandoned when Varosha’s Greek Cypriot inhabitants fled as Turkish troops advanced in 1974. The area was placed under the control of the Turkish military before it was cordoned off and left to the elements for nearly five decades. The move to reopen the area has been criticised by Cyprus’s president amid concerns of rising tensions between Turkey and EU members, Greece and Cyprus

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‘Terrible day’: anger as pictures show Varosha beach in Cyprus opening after 46 years ►

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  1. Avatar
    Moshe David Dyion

    Hola 😁🍷🍓🌷🌿🤗🍵

  2. Avatar

    Lawfull owners?? I can invade another's property and say I am a lawfull owner!!

  3. Avatar

    Open totally!

  4. Avatar

    Turkey can’t look after anything 😂

  5. Avatar

    The children of the Turkish Cypriots who thought in 1974 should get the property.

  6. Avatar

    Turkish-occupied Cyprus gets the seemingly anodyne name of Northern Cyprus?

  7. Avatar

    Sultan Erdogan will take all Cyprus and Europe will not do anything…OTTOMAN empire waiting for moment to spread around

  8. Avatar

    Best wishes to the people of Cyprus…

  9. Avatar

    Wait till the Turks take over Nicosia Airport and use it as a military base

  10. Avatar
    Ilias Stavrinadis

    What happened today(8/oct/2020), in cyprus, where Turkey invaded, once more, in a new part of cyprus country, a few days after the ‘successful’ mediation for de-escalation of Merkel, is a personal disgrace for her. Failure and disgrace. Shame for our common european culture, status and dignity in general. Money issues are not enough for running and maintaining unions and empires mrs Merkel. Needs to make clear were we belong. What culture we have. Democratic, progressive and free thinking, or East-type dictatorship, submission, homogenisation and darkness. If you belong to the first camp, make it more clear, cause your acts till now, as it has to do with Turkey, tend to the second camp. Why do you obey to Turkey? And since you do maybe you sould leave european union. Otherwise put Turkey back where she belongs and don’t become more ridiculous than you became today

  11. Avatar

    Turkish invasion is the price that Cypriot Greeks paid for forcing Turkish Cypriots to live on Concentration camps like "small zones" for 11 years by Greek Cypriots (1963-1974) and Greece's Greed . If greece couldnt try to annex Cyprus illegally , there wouldnt be any Turkish intervention.

  12. Avatar

    Total failure of UN and EU diplomacy……….an EU country invaded illegally and they do nothing ……..

  13. Avatar

    'Terrible day': anger as pictures show Varosha beach in Cyprus opening after 46 years ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/09/terrible-day-anger-as-pictures-show-varosha-beach-in-cyprus-opening-after-46-years

  14. Avatar

    Turkey casually expanding its borders from all directions, and the EU does nothing. EU is the biggest failure politics has ever seen.

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    There's no such place on Earth called Northern Cyprus… Did you mean illegally Turkish-occupied Cyprus?

  17. Avatar

    If Southern Cyprus hadn't rejected the UN backed Annan Plan, the island would be unified now and Varosha would be in the Greek side. Turks can't wait forever.

  18. Avatar

    Bravo North Cyprus! My nexy holiday will be there 👏👏👏👏👏

  19. Avatar

    Northern Cyprus is not Turkish occupied, it is Turkish protected from the maximalist and brutal aims of Greeks.

  20. Avatar

    Turkish President Erdogan reopens Varosha beach for the first time in 46 years. FTFY

  21. Avatar

    I hope that Cyprus will be unified before the decade is over.

  22. Avatar
    black capped Chickadee

    allsack & noballs

  23. Avatar

    This is sooooo normal if cypriots didnt accept UN peace plan twice north and south will going with their agenda

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