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North Korea holds rare military parade, Kim Jong Un addresses

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has addressed an unusual predawn military parade held in Pyongyang to mark the 75th anniversary of the founding of its governing Workers’ Party on Saturday, according to footage aired on state television.
Kim thanked the military, which showcased new strategy weapons, for help in recovering from a series of damaging storms over the summer, and praised the country’s efforts to prevent any coronavirus outbreak.
Al Jazeera’s Rob McBride reports from Seoul, South Korea.

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  1. Avatar

    That's freaking crazy kim jung un admits he was wrong and Trump never admits when he's wrong ever

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    Is this the same Kim Jung Un that everyone was saying is dead? That b**ch called Kaheva is nothing but a US loving moron

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    Fu joke…

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    NK: China, can you share your Coronavirus survival tips?
    CHINA: Just kill them.
    NK: OK just I thought. Thanks for nothing.

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    Well done Comrade Kim

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    ศรรา อีนคํา


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    1:29 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    He is fake. Real Kim John un must be in bed.

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    "The day is drawing near when all of mankind will bow to a new god
    A god known as knowledge that will abolish the archaic belief systems
    Designed for those who fear their own mortality
    Science is on the verge of debunking the preposterous concepts of mythological
    Superstitions and enlightening the world to a new age of self-empowerment
    An age of unfathomable possibility
    An age of prosperity
    An age of universal advancement and understanding
    An age in which the faceless will have to say
    We Told You So"

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    He is such a liar Corona viruses everywhere you can not stop it I thought you learn that when you seen it in every country all around the world

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    We already know you're getting ready for war

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    I'm not doing nothing about it start the war

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    NBC told me he was dead.

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    Kim Jong Un 2020.

    Trump is a wanna be dictator and Fuhrer, America is fked, we might as well get a real strong leader and autocrat in the White House.

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    KJU not scared of the dark he's got a cigarette in his hand as usual to light up the dark,as much as I detest the Tabloid Toilet Newspapers…I was shown a picture of the " DEAR LEADER"… on p10 in a suit waving to his downtrodden slaves sorry people….and he looks like a puppet from spitting image….there is absolutely no way is that the genuine " Dear Leader"….it's a doppelganger and it's as plastic as the " Human Ken Doll " with his equally plastic " Barbie" doll girlfriend !!!i wouldn't normally recommend you read the " Awful Sun Newspaper" but seeing is believing!!!!

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    2:18 not everyday you can hear that from Supreme Leader

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    Младший Брат

    The famous story of David and Goliath repeating itself. When the invincible tyrant Goliath in the person of the United States with his enormous resources was defeated by little David in the person of the DPRK with his small resources and small but brave troops!
    Знаменитая история Давида и Голиафа повторилясь. Когда непобидимый тиран Голиаф в лице США со своими громадными ресурсами был повержен маленьким Давидом в лице КНДР со своими малыми ресурсами и малыми но храбрыми войсками!

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    Младший Брат

    No bacteriological weapon — no epidemy! Welcome to my channel "Младший Брат"

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    This is one nation right here that's knows what power is

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    He has an infinite life. lol.

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    Thanks to Trump now Kim has big guns, he gave green light when he met him

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    M-missiles??? B-but I thought Trump solved North Korea!

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    North korean is one of the shiitest country in the world …

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    I thought he died

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    why is it a problem for the world North Korea to have nuclear weapons and not be a problem for the world, USA to have nuclear weapons ?? After all who used them, ????

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    la sindrome del penepiccolo…

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    The only country with out any covid virus because the man made Trump corona virus never had never spread by the CIA in North Korea due to high/strict /military intelligence

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    Vote BidenHarris Biden2020

    Yeah right, He can’t even keep his people fed let alone build anything to fly around the world. That bomb is probably a hollow movie prop. What a joke.

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