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North Korea displays 'new' intercontinental missile in military parade

The country’s leader Kim Jong Un avoided direct mention of the United States in a speech to mark the 75th anniversary of the ruling party


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  1. Avatar

    Trump and his “deal” with Korea. Such a puppet! Another drastic fail of that republican jerk. 🥴

  2. Avatar

    Tell you one thing that isn't going to be launched from a sub lol

  3. Avatar

    No masks ?? 🤔🤔

  4. Avatar

    All Trump has to do is write Kim Jong a love letter.

  5. Avatar

    Oh come on they're not even trying… it's not pointy enough.

  6. Avatar

    His people still starving though?

  7. Avatar

    Lol are they Trojan fake missiles!?

  8. Avatar

    NK = a weird country : China's "Mini-Me".

  9. Avatar

    I'm glad I got what I lost few months ago to scammer's, l'm happy to come across a legit trader all thanks to Mr Peter Roland

  10. Avatar

    Lol chill dude

  11. Avatar

    no more communist trump. bailout out is communist.

  12. Avatar

    I Love it!…Two Korea's that's the way it should be for ever!

  13. Avatar

    He's gotta keep the illusion that works going, though ironically it is the way of Death, in error of spirit and truth, that in error people get annihilated in a broad way.

  14. Avatar

    Next year I m going for a holiday, lovely people

  15. Avatar

    Those weapons look like balloons to me

  16. Avatar

    "Mine is bigger than yours, says Kim, putting it all out on the table. Whose next?

  17. Avatar
    Watching the Hawks

    US must be shaking by now.

  18. Avatar
    Ahmed Omar Abdallah Abdallah

    Muscles 💪

  19. Avatar

    Na hora de Souta destruira seu pais

  20. Avatar

    Laughable 😁😂🤣! If Kim Jong Un EVER has the audacity to attack the United States or any countries in the free world, that will be the end of his EVIL regime. "Go ahead, make my day", said Clint Eastwood in a famous movie.

  21. Avatar

    plastic missile 😂😂

  22. Avatar

    Now that's a modern intercontinental missile! 😍😁😁😷😷

  23. Avatar
    Ludwing GonzalezArroyo

    trump: gonna do rallies amid corona
    KIM: hold my 🍺

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    Nothing wrong here. I would say that they are just prepared for the worst. If it comes to their way.

  26. Avatar

    It looks like they only used primer on their missiles. Little rocket man can't even show off a new missile right.

  27. Avatar
    Chief Tahchawwickah

    They are coming for you Wypipo

  28. Avatar

    north korea is best for world

  29. Avatar

    So what ??? Given the western history of destroying and invading other countries out side it’s borders North Korea has every right to put western criminals in paralysis. These weapons are 25 times more powerful than the bombs drop on Japan.

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