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North Korea displays 'new' intercontinental missile in military parade

The country’s leader Kim Jong Un avoided direct mention of the United States in a speech to mark the 75th anniversary of the ruling party


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  1. Avatar

    the propagandists and creators of covid-19 obviously cannot infiltrate the shores of nth korea, so kim decided to throw a party

    Nth.Korea > zero covid-19

  2. Avatar

    This is what Trump wanted for himself, a big parade in the streets of Washington. He didn't get it…:-)

  3. Avatar

    Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  4. Avatar

    From the looks of the soldiers it is hard to see how that malnourished army can win a war.

  5. Avatar

    Iran maybe get enough nuke material for ballistic missile by ends this year.

  6. Avatar

    Israel testing drone weapons in Armenia and later use against Hezbollah in Lebanon mountains 3,000 meters high.

  7. Avatar

    Armenia mercenaries maybe coming from Lebanon and Iran fighting against against Azerbaijan in Karabakh region.

  8. Avatar

    Israel use Azerbaijan as window watch on Iran in Caucasian region.

  9. Avatar

    World Economic Forum and new world order after Covid 19 ends never gone happen.

  10. Avatar

    A Country where People were oppressed by Military backed 'Dictator'.

  11. Avatar
    Rudolf Graspointner

    Negotiations needed! Trump is a peacemaker and can do it, Biden cannot.

  12. Avatar
    Rudolf Graspointner

    Social distancing not required in North Korea?

  13. Avatar

    Classic North Korea. We have no economy and our people are eating tree bark. Lets spend what little money we have on nukes.

  14. Avatar

    I'm glad I got what I lost few months ago to scammer's, l'm happy to come across a legit trader all thanks to Mr Peter Roland

  15. Avatar

    Yes yes yes there the same patrons come out of the script.

  16. Avatar

    There's no COVID in North Korea because they closed the borders before any other country. That's smart leadership.

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