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Nokia C5 Endi – Creativity at your command

Go big with the large 6.5” HD+ display. Stream, share and game in vivid clarity.
Catch every moment with the triple camera. The ultra-wide-angle lens captures expansive shots in stunning detail, even after dark – thanks to advanced low-light imaging.
Enjoy what you love most with the powerful Octa-core processor, with 64 GB ROM and 4G LTE connectivity

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  1. Avatar
    ZeroTwo CODE:002

    Nokia C series is back!

  2. Avatar
    ตัวเบา Casting

    Body and system to big over not luxurious smooth not compact and crazy over

    I Want to nokia real brand.

    And I want to

    Applied system design 2007
    Applied body design 2013

  3. Avatar

    nokia dobara se n73 launch kar do

  4. Avatar

    Music link please

  5. Avatar

    Nokia B..e..s..t.. Samsung Best Xiaomi huawei Lagi best

  6. Avatar

    Why you don't try meego harmatten os some phones in such a way that should not affect the rest

  7. Avatar

    I buy Nokia2.2 this is the worest cell phone in the world. Worst oparating system. I totally lost Rs7500. So be careful from Nokia

  8. Avatar

    Nokia 6.3 ?

  9. Avatar
    Vyenkatesh More

    😉 If Nokia really wanna capture Indian market this is the chance, because indian smartphone market is getting down because of China's phone's,and lot's of accessories (boycott Chinese products) you can play a really awesome game on this note,this time launch you're product as fast as you can in India, and use business strategies like( Desh ka phone) come back Nokia,etc…this is how you can build you're Nokia brand again🔱⚔️ 🙌🏻 if you read this comment and you had any questions you can ask me on my email @rmore992255@gmail.com

  10. Avatar
    Dwaipayan Sarkar

    Learn from this please https://youtu.be/Q1Q1C4r_8YM

  11. Avatar

    I'm from #India 🇮🇳 and wanted to buy a smartphone but am not bcoz I'm waiting for #Nokia to come up with something great and better. Even if it's little lacking from Chinese I will prefer Nokia. There's a big opportunity right now for every non Chinese brand to capture the #Indianmarket due to #boycottchinese sentiments.

  12. Avatar
    Subhradeep Maji

    It is the greatest opportunity for Nokia to launch Mid range flagship & grab the mobile phone market specially in INDIA because lot of Indians are boycotting Chinese products . I request HMD to stop old tradition and design because Nokia models are looking back dated from any other smartphone . Try to offer unique design and experience to the customer like Samsung does . Nowadays Smartphone companies moving to carved QHD+ 2k display but Nokia still maintaining the back dated tradition . Please stop this old design . I am a buyer & I know the requirements of customers . I want to see & expect flagship device with QHD+ Pureview carved display mobile with epic futures from Nokia ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Avatar

    we need a premium phone from nokia with amazing features and camera

  14. Avatar

    Where's the Nokia handshake logo animation?

  15. Avatar


    Its all clear

  16. Avatar

    Battery nhi chalti jyada and koi shop par battery bhi nhi milti sabse khushi baat sarvice senter me bhi nhi milti he haad he behan chod ki 3 mobile he 3 ki battery nhi mil rahi??????

  17. Avatar
    Pallipadan Steven Samson

    We want Nokia N series back

  18. Avatar
    Souvik Chakraborty

    I am a huge Nokia fan. Please tell me when this model will launch in india

  19. Avatar

    please come back to past good day's with your best phone.!👍👍👍
    people love nokia yet..!
    you can use old models names on your new phone …!

  20. Avatar
    Syed Masudul Islam

    When will nokia 9.3 come?????????????????????????

  21. Avatar

    Its high time that nokia should rtrn to the market with new budget phones to counter the chinese mobiles who r basically ruling the market ….Nokia was the king of mobile market… And the king should regain its legacy !!!

  22. Avatar

    When will Nokia launch its Nokia 6.3 phone?😪
    I'm tired waiting for it..
    Please, now its a good chance for Nokia to come back as we all Indians are in support for #boycottchinese. Please bring it fast Nokia…!

  23. Avatar

    Jis din koi naya os nokia le aaya security k saatb uss din apple gaya kam se i wish aaye koi naya os jo nokia khud banaye hardware bh nokia he hoo jaise apple krta h fir dekho apple kj khatia khade hojaayegi

  24. Avatar
    Mei You Ming Yi


    1. Any future nor present smartphone shouldn't designed as hardly to disassemble nor assemble(display at while trying to disassembling(separating) object into 2 parts(after unscrewing all exterior screws) nor assembling shouldn't gets peeled offbroke!!!!!
    2. Any future nor present one all components durability shouldn't too low!! e.g. touchscreen shouldn't dies at some certain points after it gets drop off to ground like hard object, nor microphone shouldn't autos die – in short – all components durability should as highest as possible
    3. Any future nor present one shouldn't designed as waterdrop screen or similar since vast majority of human doesn't loves this design form

    4. Any future nor present one(specially for low end one) should uses 14nm(or less) chipset for longer battery life on single charge, …

    5. Any future nor present low end one should designed as removable battery for various nor easy to replace battery if needed nor should also available battery for replace original battery when original battery capacity decreases or reduces or drops significantly or considerably

    6. Any future nor present one screen(display nor camera glass) hardness should as highest as possible therefore hard to got scratched(any future smartphones should has sorts of screen(display nor camera glass) that as hardest as possible)

    7. Any future nor present one should exists sorts of display that has vivid, vibrant, color nor image, absolutely black(high contrast) nor energy efficient similarity to AMOLED variations like Super AMOLED

    8. Any future nor present one speaker audio should as loud, vivid, vibrant as possible

    9. Any future nor present one connection ports(charging, audio port) shouldn't worn after much plugging nor unplugging – durability should as highest as possible

    10. Any future nor present one charger cable core nor charger circuit durability should as highest as possible

    11. Any future nor present one box should exists as many specifications as possible such as chipset sort(includes CPU nor GPU), LTE nor HSPA, … speed, what WLAN, Bluetooth, sensors, …, in short – almost all specifications of a smartphone at GSMArena

    12. Any future nor present one should exists unoriginal Dolby Atmos(unlike Samsung one only supports used for wired headphone, Bluetooth device – this one must used for both headphone, bluetooth device nor speaker) or should exists original Dolby Atmos instead for little better audio quality.

  25. Avatar
    SaifullaH Srabon

    I'm from Bangladesh.

  26. Avatar

    C5 lower chin at screen is very big…why nokkia is launching old market level phones

  27. Avatar
    Elton Lelo AlbTV service wwtbam albania BBC Shqip

    Good luck i use a nokia 6700s pink vodafone

  28. Avatar
    Elton Lelo AlbTV service wwtbam albania BBC Shqip

    Hello nokia team i just want to tell you that i watched a video of nokia n93i 2020. Reborn nokia n93i 2020 is android smartphone. by mnur jelbar

  29. Avatar

    Nokia, hope u read my comments

    The user Nokia since 1998

    What I want to say is ur phone is already have a standard level phone like Samsung, realme and more. I think u need to do a ad all over the platform as possible such as do a ad on TV, radio, news paper and more. All famous phone is make a ad to introduce their new power phone. So, the conclusion is, make a ad to all the platform to make ur Nokia phone being famous and power.

    Sorry if my English is bad

  30. Avatar

    Will they release a Harmony OS phone?

  31. Avatar

    Enough with stupid camera setups nokia. Bring back the X7 design cutt off that bezels. I loved Nokia for its design. Make us fall into that love again.

  32. Avatar

    Bhaiyon Nokia ka mobile mat lena Varna pachtaoge main to pata raha

  33. Avatar

    I wish Nokia could expand their handsets to other carriers, such as T-Mobile. I would definitely consider buying a Nokia phone from my Carrier

  34. Avatar
    Vedavamshi Dasaroju

    Introduce ip68rating
    In mid range
    Every one prefer nokia
    build quality with water-resistant
    I'm from the INDIA

  35. Avatar
    I Romeo Zulu Alpha Mike

    2020 Top 5 Smartphone Brands In The #Universe / #Globe / #World

    No. 1 #Nokia ,
    No. 2 #Samsung ,
    No. 3 #Google ,
    No. 4 #Huawei ,
    No. 5 #Apple

  36. Avatar

    Nokia this is the time to launch phone. In india
    Because I love nokia phone and I don't want to buy chinesse mobile

  37. Avatar

    Nokia 2.2 android system vieweb update problem

  38. Avatar

    My childhood….
    So much nostalgia..
    Love you nokia

  39. Avatar

    Poor nokia lol

  40. Avatar

    Dear sir you have done extremely good job for nokia 2720, it's a good idea but you lake your intension towords your 1 series … Plz make a phone with following specs :- screen size #6.5" #oled display, battery #4500 mAh , Qualcomm #Snapdragon429 Soc, type #c port, android go os…

  41. Avatar
    Владимир Паршаков

    выкиньте эти чёлки, вырезы с экранов и надпись nokia снизу. Уже достали всех этим

  42. Avatar

    Love nokia ❤❤

  43. Avatar

    I hope that the company can make a game phone that does not need a camera, ask for a strong engine, CPU and GPU RaM 8Gb to 12Gb, big battery, 144hz screen and fast charging, and for $ 350 more without a camera, just ask for more power. Yes, the shape does not need to produce two expensive things, it can only be made of plastic

  44. Avatar

    I hope nokia come back in INDONESIA
    And Open Official Store again

  45. Avatar

    Kb la Rahe ho yaar

  46. Avatar

    How much price?

  47. Avatar

    Any News about Nokia 6.3?

  48. Avatar
    Dhananjay Khule

    Very nice phone I am very excited this phone 😍😍😍👍👍

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