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Nokia 5310 – Never miss a beat

Never miss a beat with Nokia 5310. Let the music flow with the MP3 player and FM radio and hear every call with the powerful dual front-facing speakers. Stay connected with a battery life that’s there for you day after day. And keep it fresh with a revamped design of an old favorite.

🎵 #EndlessEntertainment #NokiamobileLive #Nokia5310

🎵 www.nokia.com/phones/en_int/nokia-5310

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  1. Avatar

    Remember your old old design and quality, you guys make 1000rs mobile and selling it at 3400rs. This model will definitely flop, Its my promise and see how good earphones were with 5130 Xpress Music. This phone is fat and even looks worsthless at your price. MI will too launch same looking phone with 4G. Nokia improve your quality else nobody will appreciate you. I was in mood to purchase it but now BIG NO. Its waste of money.

  2. Avatar

    Hoping for a feature phone with Spotify integration 🎼

  3. Avatar

    When was released in india

  4. Avatar

    What is the music playing in the background?

  5. Avatar

    Look wise acha aur wo b Whit color mi zyada

  6. Avatar

    We love it…

  7. Avatar

    No symbian?? 😭

  8. Avatar

    We want 5300 xpress music again

  9. Avatar

    My favorite phone Nokia 5300,5200 all time favorite

  10. Avatar

    i need nokia 5700 back

  11. Avatar

    This phone can support bluetooth headset?

  12. Avatar
    Mottalib Pharmacist

    THIS phone haven’t java🤬🤬🇧🇩😡

  13. Avatar

    Does this phone support java?? /

  14. Avatar

    Tahan baterainya HP Nokia nya kapan keluar muncul handphone Nokia

  15. Avatar
    Lenin chembiyil

    I bought this phone for my mom.
    It's a good phone for old person who can't use touchscreen phones.
    It is more or less like pre gen Nokia 220.

    Speakers are good.
    Screen, quality of hardware is all well. Liked very much.

  16. Avatar

    Dear nokia, Can u make mp3/mp4 like ipad nano from apple????

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar
    Yalson Noorcahaya Pratama

    523x with android please 🙂

  20. Avatar

    Nokia can't make a new phone without their old phone

  21. Avatar

    It is 4g?

  22. Avatar

    Türkiyeye neden gelmezsin ki …

  23. Avatar

    I love the design!
    It harkens back to the Sony Ericsson phones of the early 2000's.
    But seriously, in this day and age, who is this phone supposed to be for?

  24. Avatar

    if only this has Whatsapp, everyone would go crazy for this

  25. Avatar

    I used to have the black and red XpressMusic and that phone was my most favorite at the time! This was what, uhh… 2008/2009? The handy buttons on the front sides were perfect, and just everything about that phone at the time was everything I loved and wanted in a phone~ The little bump on the 5 button was really handy for texting without looking, too 😇 Aaand then it was stolen…

    Story time!
    My dad picked up a DS from the counter while we were at a 7-Eleven thinking it was mine because I was playing mine in the car earlier but left it in the car before we went in. Then a kid came by us with his mom right next to him saying that it was his DS. Dad and I quickly apologize to them and give it back, both parties were polite and everything went smoothly (we thought), though the mom looked like she was going to rip us a new one. We gave it back to them and they were both kind of watching us intensely after they left. They decided to sit in their car while dad and I finished getting our drinks and stuff. When we left and walked back to the car, they were still sitting in their car and still watching us closely. I mentioned to dad how it was strange they haven't left yet- especially after we apologized much as we did and gave the kid his game back, and how creepy it was that they were still staring at us….

    So I must have set my phone down on the counter by the slurpees, or my phone fell out of my pocket or something because I didn't notice it was gone until I went to text my mom about 10 minutes after I got home.

    The guy at 7-Eleven refused to answer any questions we had about the mom & son who were in there with us, or about seeing a phone on the counter or anywhere in the store, said he didn't have any authority to look at the security camera footage either (a giant load of bs). I called my phone probably 8 times before it started going straight to voicemail, too. I mean how low is it to steal a damn phone, let alone anything? If they sold it I hope they enjoyed their $20 because it wasn't worth much when it was bought and I'm sure as heck it wasn't worth beans when they stole it 🤔😒
    Lovely times!

  26. Avatar
    Mei You Ming Yi


    1. Any future nor present classicphone screen(display nor camera glass) hardness should as highest as possible therefore hard to got scratched(any future nor present classicphones should has sorts of screen(display nor camera glass) that as hardest as possible)

    2. Any future nor present one display resolution nor color quantity should as highest as possible(color, image should as vivid nor vibrant as possible)

    3. Any future nor present one camera resolution should as highest as possible

    4. Any future nor present one charger cable core shouldn't too small(charger cable core durability should as highest as possible) and charger circuit durability should as highest as possible

    5. Suggested characters of one of some input characters in simplified Chinese at 105 2017(TA-1034) and probably many more other Nokia classicphones that manufactured by HMD in recent time and probably in future shouldn't exists fewer or should exists same quantity(numbers) or should exists many than as in classicphones that manufactured long time ago such as 1280(RM-647) – for example: input 恩、怨、情、仇 in 105(TA-1034) then suggested characters that related to that one are not as many as 1280(RM-647)

    6. Any future nor present one should only shows related characters of one of any character – e.g. input "爱" then shouldn't shows any one that unrelated to that one at list

    7. Any future nor present one shouldn't exists any character of pinyins that different from current pinyin – e.g. type "q" then shouldn't shows qu qun qi qin qing qia qian qiang qiong characters at list

    8. Any future nor present one shouldn't lacks any Chinese character such as 嬛、橙 doesn't exists – in short – should exists as full as possible of its characters

    9. Any future nor present one shouldn't exists duplicate nor other pinyin character e.g. zhi list exists 知、指、识 at end

    10. Any future nor present one should exists function that is characters that most relevant to front inputted word from "flash vertical bar" are at top of others at list like 1280(RM-647)

    11. Once exist simplified Chinese – should must exist traditional Chinese for fully of Chinese written languages(it is not good when exist not fully – e.g. not exist all things of a particular thing in general and nor good when exist simplified Chinese but not exist traditionual Chinese or vice versa in particular)

    12. Any future nor present one at any region should must exists Chinese, or should must not exist Chinese at any region!(once exists Chinese(in particular) nor others(in general) at any one of all regions – should must exists it at any region otherwise shouldn't exists it at any region!)

    13. Any future nor present one shouldn't exists "automatic" option at list of languages because of its meaningless, pointless, worthless

    14. Shouldn't exists "(es)", "(s)" at end of some words at English because of its unnecessary nor unimportant

    15. Any future nor present one shouldn't exists "phone security" because of its meaningless, pointless, worthless

    16. While screen is on, radio signal strength shouldn't weaker than while screen is off at any future nor present one

    17. Any future nor present one shouldn't exists any paid game

    18. If 17th teach is comes true – any future nor present one should exists as many free money game as possible

    19. Number of settings, tones, features, … at any future nor present one shouldn't vary as arbitrary from others – for example: 105 2017(TA-1034) owns 5 tones and "backlight" option but 130 2017(TA-1017) owns 18 tones and no "backlight" option – is it worse if that 105 exists those 18 tones and that option than when that 105 exists 5 tones and no that option??!!

    20. Should improves video player, music player because image quality of video is very poor(if compared to featurephone with Spreadtrum SC6531E, … chipset) nor audio sound is less quality

  27. Avatar
    Dhrubajyoti Sarbagna

    Call recording option available ?

  28. Avatar

    iskii sms memory kitnii haii ??

  29. Avatar

    Can you tell me when to find that grove beat

  30. Avatar

    The Ad attracts me to buy this xpress 🎵usic

  31. Avatar
    Shiekh Khurram zia

    Nokia mobile is the best phone in the wirld connecting people

  32. Avatar

    Bluetooth headset work for this mobile

  33. Avatar
    Fake Ads Collection

    XpressMusic is Reborn
    And This Not A Symbian Or Java Phone

  34. Avatar
    Tugay Demirbilek

    İ love this but icant buy from Turkey? Please help me and send me Nokia❤️

  35. Avatar
    Ennovative Facts

    We want Nokia old phone settings like 5130,206,X202 plzz made old phone settings this setting is very bad

  36. Avatar
    Ennovative Facts

    We want old Nokia phone settings like C1,C2,C3

  37. Avatar
    Ennovative Facts

    We want Nokia asha setting please made please made Asha setting 203 ,501, one touch Facebook setting

  38. Avatar

    Can u please release a model just like "Nokia Xpress Music 5610" model with latest firmware for slider mobile phones?

  39. Avatar

    Since Nokia 1100 time till now only Nokia phones I had.

  40. Avatar

    Is there a version of whatsapp for this?

  41. Avatar

    what is the name of this song? its so lovely and engaging!

  42. Avatar
    Atheria PsychicGal

    I miss phones like this!!

  43. Avatar
    Abhishek Shikhare

    Nokia E 52 & 6300

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