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'No way to talk': Donald Trump walks out of 60 seconds interview

Donald Trump on Thursday leaked his own unedited TV interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes on Facebook ahead of the show’s Sunday broadcast date and just hours before the final presidential debate with Joe Biden in Nashville.
The president tweeted ‘Look at the bias, hatred and rudeness’ about his CBS interviewer Lesley Stahl

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    "Tough Questions" are EXACTLY the way to talk! The health and future of American democracy and the US environment are at stake! Poor baby! Go back to your game show!

  2. Avatar

    Maulding Guardian Journalism

  3. Avatar

    its to much to want the TRUTH now a days watch the whole video and see how disingenuous the press really are

  4. Avatar

    He is in fact not ready for tough questions

  5. Avatar
    Pedro Carvalho dos Santos

    I'm joe biden and I forgot this message.

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    You afraid to show that it's actually a nearly 40min interview in which he answered all of her questions. Way to edit it to look like he's tantruming while the real footage shows she was the one having a hissy fit.

  7. Avatar

    Oldest cry baby in the world. 🤣

  8. Avatar

    The Guardian newspaper is the mi5 paper of choice, pushing a narrative of socialism while trying to use mind control straight from the Tavistock institute

  9. Avatar

    Note the way he ends the interview by telling his aide they have enough but he isn't brave enough to say that directly to the interviewer.

  10. Avatar

    TRUMP has to control everything and when the media FINALLY challenges him, he storms off like the petulant little man child coward that he is. KUDO to 60 minutes.

  11. Avatar

    At least he’s there.. Where’s Biden these days?

  12. Avatar

    my president for 4 more years

  13. Avatar

    Why am I not surprised, the types of people who oppose Trump hanging around on the Guardian News YT channel.

  14. Avatar

    Is this an act it don’t look like him !

  15. Avatar

    Tough questions? Run, Donald, run!!!

  16. Avatar

    e-gads what a bully

  17. Avatar

    What an ……

  18. Avatar

    He can dish it, but he can’t take it.

  19. Avatar

    holy cow is this a kindergardener or the president of the strongest, most influential country of the world?

  20. Avatar

    Not a Trump fan but she started off with the intention of making him walk out

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    Corporate taxes
      Trump: 21.0%
      Biden: 28.0%
             Income & Payroll taxes
      Trump: 37.0%
      Biden: 52.0%
              Small business taxes
      Trump: 29.6%
      Biden: 39.6%
             Capital gains & divided taxes
      Trump: 23.8%
      Biden: 43.4%
          Thats not including state taxes!!!
                        Trump 2020

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    An anti Trump video from the guardian – imagine my shock .

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    Trickle down economics on taxes. If biden wins, the rich people are going to move and hide their money and poor people are going to be stuck paying it, the end. – Candence Owens-

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    60 minutes not seconds…

  26. Avatar

    Game over man. I hope. 🙏🏻

  27. Avatar

    Why GOVERNOR order
    1 ) LOCKDOWNS to States
    2 ) “ PEACEFUL RIOTS“ quote/ Nadler

    All TABS and TIPS are billed 2 PRESIDENT?

  28. Avatar

    60 minutes is now officially trash.

  29. Avatar

    …and the Dems go home and Biden hides out when things don't go their way. No room for Dems to talk. Maybe Trump should create a list of reporters he likes that will only ask him easy questions like Biden. And why is the moderator another Democrat…

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