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No need to cancel Halloween, says Dr. Tam

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam advised parents and kids to maintain physical distancing while trick-or-treating outside, to stick to pre-packaged treats and to have hand sanitizer readily available.

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  1. Avatar

    Bruh hockey stick pool noodle this lady lost it

  2. Avatar

    so they release a study that covid can last 28 days on surfaces. yet the news is saying yea kids go out and get a bag of covid. i hate the news…..

  3. Avatar

    I’m cool not with the risk or the effort . I’ll just buy a heap load of candy for my bby girl and she will dress at home.

  4. Avatar

    Wicked & evil day eventhough we don't see it

  5. Avatar

    Cancel Halloween. I don't want trick or treaters showing up at my house. My wife's uncle died from covid and I know of two friends who have contracted it.

  6. Avatar

    How could you cancel 2020 — the demons dancing year.

  7. Avatar

    This is not a godly nor safe day. Stay away from the evil things of this world & this day is 1 of them. Don't dress up. Don't give the enemy the glory

  8. Avatar

    Repent & turn away from evil

  9. Avatar

    3:50 when I don't get the joke but laugh anyway

  10. Avatar

    I would like to be in a virus costume.

  11. Avatar

    Ephesians 5:11

  12. Avatar

    1 Thessalonians 5:22

  13. Avatar

    Galatians 5:20-21

  14. Avatar

    Walk or drive 2 the market 2 buy a bag of candy 4 yourself & your own kids

  15. Avatar

    Listen 2 what a former satanist says about this day… John Ramirez lived that life in evil w the devil…. Change Your wicked ways like he did & accept Jesus Christ as your saviour

  16. Avatar
    individualist one

    Go out and trick or treat!! Use your brains sheeple!!

  17. Avatar

    I wonder if it would be easier for individuals to deliver candy/treats to their neighbor's houses during the day rather than going trick or treating, by setting up a delivery system with safe treats like chips.

    And before you object, I would like to point out that every precaution would be taken to avoid the spread of Covid, including the wearing of masks and sanitizing both before and after handing the treats over to each household

  18. Avatar

    This woman contradicts herself over and over..

  19. Avatar

    LOL heather is right, rockets were always the last candy to be eaten

  20. Avatar

    Instead of trick or treating parents can go to dollaramma and buy their kids some candy 20 or 30 dollars would give your kids a good haul and you can have a home scavenger hunt for candy it would make for a family fun night

  21. Avatar

    Being outside is not dangerous. "Being inside is the safer option". Dont go outside kids the media bogeyman will get you!

  22. Avatar

    Was never going to comply anyways. Fascist government.

  23. Avatar

    Candy chutes, slides. What a bunch of BS

  24. Avatar

    Cancel Thanksgiving but not halloween.

  25. Avatar

    Heck do these people WASTE a LOT of $$ for the simple event that Halloween should be. Such NONSENSE never became part of my Halloween experiences when young, not even ANY costumes, and of course I never participated in the event at all ever thereafter, not at all. I guess plenty of adults like to SPOIL children whenever possible, regardless of the waste, rather than being EDUCATIONAL with them.

  26. Avatar

    We have a Chinese limy in this position & of course a devil worshipper would promote holloween but shut down churches

  27. Avatar

    Outrageous. 😡 want is wrong with this woman.

  28. Avatar

    But yet kids are less than a meter apart in the classrooms!!

  29. Avatar

    So your telling me everyone is going to let their child go to a strangers house who they don't know…or know if they have covid. Then that stranger touches and hands out candy they have I repeat touched. Happy Halloween trick or treat 🤢

  30. Avatar
    Stoodmuffin Personal

    just buy the candy, dress up, and hang out at home.

  31. Avatar
    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    Then they'll say it's the public's fault for celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloween that case numbers have increased.
    It's always someone else's fault.
    The Gov is always right.

  32. Avatar

    Cancel the CBC instead

  33. Avatar

    I'm tired of this SO-CALLED "DR." TAM, then why didn't she allow thanksgiving, holidays, etc now their closing our nation's Toronto and Peel Region's restaurants,bars,gyms etc.

  34. Avatar

    No need to cancel Halloween. The ghosts wants to come out in Halloween and play around. It is a good idea to have Halloween. However, the children should stay home instead of going out for candies. Just dress up and go out for fresh air with family members on that day.

  35. Avatar

    Why celebrate anyways? I the old normal not this.

  36. Avatar

    outlaw giving thanks and spending time with family but keep alive the ritual of paying off the demons that arrive at your door

  37. Avatar
    sportscaracing canada

    Cancel Tam

  38. Avatar

    police are waking up ! @t you're on the wrong side of history , CBC!

  39. Avatar

    I also heard that tractor rides and haunted houses are being canceled for Halloween

  40. Avatar

    Is she the one who said that making love is safe during pandemic?

  41. Avatar

    Celebrating Halloween is pagan and satanic anyone who participates or allows their children to participate will have their place in the lake of fire Hey tam yer broomstick is double parked better go move it be careful bough john-lee got taken in the mist again

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