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Nikol Pashinyan: 'Armenia is guarantor of security in Karabakh' | Talk to Al Jazeera

As the Soviet Union was coming to an end, the majority of ethnic Armenians living in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh demanded the territory be transferred from Soviet Azerbaijan to Soviet Armenia.

But after the Kremlin rejected the petition, Armenia and Azerbaijan, now former Soviet Republics, were left to resolve the issue on their own.

As all mediation attempts have failed, the conflict remains unresolved more than 30 years on.

Will Armenia and Azerbaijan ever achieve peace?

The Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan talks to Al Jazeera.

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  1. Avatar
    Mabud Ali Sarkar

    I wish I could slap this Armenia President who is illegally controlling over karabag e
    region which is a Azerbaijan part recognised by international authority

  2. Avatar

    I'm curious if this guy knows that Karabakh-Qarabağ is a part of Azerbaijan, recognized internationally!!

  3. Avatar

    Someone should stop this man from giving interviews to international audience. Armenia has already been the occupying side for 30 years and with pashinyan’s banal and only assumption based interviews only worsens their situation. Not to mention his terrible command of English.

  4. Avatar

    Armenia P.M should be go back

  5. Avatar

    Armenia not flow UN RESOLUTION

  6. Avatar

    Northern Cyprus needs to be discussed with the Turks.

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    Does this barbaric Armenia follow any laws?

  9. Avatar

    Extremely important!

    Azerbaijan has started the destruction of civilian infrastructure, using long-range weapons, which could lead to an environmental disaster.

  10. Avatar
    Sikandar Hussain

    Respect UNSC resolutions Armenia. let the peace prevail.

  11. Avatar

    Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan not Armenia . Armenia occupied karobagh . Give karabakh back to Azerbaijan . Everything will solve .

  12. Avatar

    Why do not Armenia follow UN resolutions?

  13. Avatar
    Abdulrahman Guracha Wako

    Arrogance will destroy Armenia. UN resolutions are very clear – Stop occupation of Azerbaijani lands

  14. Avatar

    Is it true Armenian soldiers were chained by their own army?

  15. Avatar

    Garantie of peace by occuping some else land

  16. Avatar

    dude you started it by killing civilians first fire came from ur side not azerbayjan

  17. Avatar
    tallat mir Mumtaz

    Simple is that Armenian occupied Azerbaijan land so they have to vacate it later or sooner.

  18. Avatar

    We prefer to see Mr Pasinyan and Mr Aliev on the MMA octagon or boxing ring, than see their citizen kill each other

  19. Avatar

    Sometimes we have to fight for peace so azarbezan doing

  20. Avatar

    Pashanian doesn't sound smart at all, and he needed to be translated and extra money spend by Aljazeera 😂😂

  21. Avatar

    6:24 when the word 'media' is involved……. know it is a lie. look at the new york times nowadays……

  22. Avatar

    killing people is normal ???

  23. Avatar

    Erdogan is a dog
    Erdogan is a liar

  24. Avatar


  25. Avatar

    Who is he lying too this stupid minister?

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    Long Life Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤❤
    Long Life Pakistan 🇵🇰💝💝
    Long Life Turkey🇹🇷💙💙
    Long Life Azerbaijan 🇦🇿💖💖
    WE ALL ARE ONE…….💞💞💞

  28. Avatar

    I only see Azeri people spamming comment section if you really want to occupy that place then stop writing or playing war games just go to front lines and fight for the land that you call occupied by Armenians lol.

  29. Avatar

    U r a criminal

  30. Avatar

    I need girlfriend 😁😀💟💞💝💗

  31. Avatar

    Thanks STALIN for this stupid problem that you created 80 years ago…

  32. Avatar

    This guy is a pure low life 😂. Steal another mans territory, provoke others and than play the victim card

  33. Avatar

    davay siytir jizdllah

  34. Avatar
    Sahab Uddin Shihab

    Armenia should leave Karabagh azerbaijan's land…..

  35. Avatar

    I dont got it . Karabakh is part of azri . Why you interfering on it 🤓🤓🤓🤓

  36. Avatar
    tallat mir Mumtaz

    Stupid man uttering pack of lies and should be punished for initiating this war.

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