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Niki Lauda: looking back at the life of a Formula One legend

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The three-times Formula One world champion Niki Lauda, regarded as one of the finest racers of all time, has died at 70 after battling declining health.

In 1976, Lauda was almost killed at the German Grand Prix in one of the most famous accidents in the history of motorsport, but went on to make a remarkable recovery.

Chase Carey, the chairman and chief executive of the Formula One group, said: ‘His love of racing and the courage he demonstrated were simply extraordinary and he inspired so many fans.’

The Austrian also became a successful airline entrepreneur and went on to have senior roles in F1 management, most recently as non-executive chairman at Mercedes since 2012, where he helped bring Lewis Hamilton to the team.

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More than a machine: Niki Lauda was an F1 rebel in his own way. Read more ►

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  1. Avatar
    Guardian Sport

    More than a machine: Niki Lauda was an F1 rebel in his own way. Read more ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/may/21/niki-lauda-a-single-minded-f1-champion-who-beat-the-best-of-his-age

  2. Avatar

    from an age when men drove F1 cars…..

  3. Avatar
    Miroslav Ťažký

    R.IP. Niki Lauda (*1949-+2019)

  4. Avatar

    A Gentleman. A World Champion.
    A Motor Racing Legend.
    Auf Wiedersehen Niki.

  5. Avatar

    I can't believe it 🙁

  6. Avatar

    Rip… F1 took a damage today…

  7. Avatar

    Thanks To RUSH (2013) Movie i come to know about him… Great and inspirational man ! – Never give up !

  8. Avatar

    Tough year in F1 so far. Losing Charlie Whiting and now Niki Lauda. RIP Niki…..a legend, a hero, and a champion.

  9. Avatar

    i hardly care about F1 and im in tears hearing about his death….. i shared a picture and a post about him mere hours before his death…. absolutely shocked me

  10. Avatar

    Some brilliant wisdom from Niki in this clip! A true great.

  11. Avatar

    R.I.P to a formula 1 legend

  12. Avatar

    Probably already looked HQ interview with honest legend N Lauda by Graham Bensinger if not you must

  13. Avatar
    Indonesian Rails Production

    Rip Niki, I wish I can create my own Airlines

  14. Avatar
    Conor Mc Entagart

    A True legend I think the greatest thing formula one 🏎 should do to honor this man is to change name of Austrian track to his name like what there doing in rio for senna. Or put up a statue at track in his honor .Niki Lauda give so much to formula one. The sport owns him a lot. I say if everyone got be hide this message we could make it happen for sure a great tribute to the man himself and his family. RIP Niki Lauda

  15. Avatar

    He wore his battle scars proudly. "'I had a reason to look ugly. Most people don't." – I can't even imagine that strength of character.

  16. Avatar
    Sachin manjrekar

    Love you 😘. Never forget you

  17. Avatar
    Daniel SIVI-SZABO

    RIP Lauda

  18. Avatar

    R.I.P. Racing legend. Your fighting spirit will never be forgotten.

  19. Avatar

    Niki Lauda F1 racer who never give up he admired so many he never left the formula 1 after sever burn also

  20. Avatar

    At 1:16 Lauda's watch goes missing after the hug.

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