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Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 3rd)

Officials provide conflicting information on President Trump’s condition, at least 8 at SCOTUS nominee announcement test positive for coronavirus, and the Biden campaign continues ahead of Vice Presidential Debate.

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  1. Avatar

    Do not comply with the One World Government one world religion of antichrist take off your mask and do not receive the mark of the beast vaccine that will tie you up into their 5G Beast tracking system

  2. Avatar
    Vishal Shiwgobin

    Mr trump I hope you take this virus serious from now on .no one is invincible to this virus I hope for all humanity we can find i a cure for this virus

  3. Avatar

    US contractors are dropping heaps of taxpayer-funded border wall in Mexico where it's being sold as scrap metal

  4. Avatar

    Why are there so many doctors.

  5. Avatar
    Robert Armstrong

    How many Doctors does it take to treat a fool???

  6. Avatar

    Remember in the debate when Trump said "He wears a mask when he needs to"…. Was again another lie. Unbelievable.

  7. Avatar

    Pence will be the next one Hospitalized after having open Campaign events

  8. Avatar

    In his own words… people are going to die. It would be nice if he made his own reservation. I don’t wish ill on any good person, he forfeited that a long time ago.

  9. Avatar

    It’s like the minions planed the White House party, Kevin you know better? 504y 73d.

  10. Avatar

    Kamala stay far away from Covid Carlos.

  11. Avatar

    Redumblicans getting each other sick.

  12. Avatar
    P Smith Gardener

    MmmmmmMMmmmm. The republicans Coo. That's what this is. 45 miraculously better. New drug that 45 said was coming before the election. Win win in the republicans eyes. EYES WIDE OPEN FOLKS.

  13. Avatar

    Are these the white coats to take trump away, where the white van?

  14. Avatar

    I think Liberals did this…Why is it mostly Republicans and sympathizers are getting sick ?????

  15. Avatar

    “Next 48 hrs are critical”…..um don’t get my hopes up. 😏

  16. Avatar

    More lies from trump's people…

  17. Avatar

    Good or bad, better or worse, will depend on "we'll see …"

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    If it works it should be available to public in ten years at $80,000.00 a shot.

  20. Avatar
    Maestro Finchitti

    Doctors are Corrupt and Grossly inconsistent. Don’t believe the white coats are a good source of information.🥴👎

  21. Avatar

    Donald lad you be sick in November when you landslide on your lies out of the white house

  22. Avatar

    I d'ont understand why this doctors (?) stand like pinguin's after the speacker, have they nothing other to do ?

  23. Avatar

    Trumps personal Quacks just diagnosed full blown Covid-Spurs

  24. Avatar

    We are not of the oneworld community that is in darkness we are of the Kingdom of Heaven having one entrance through Christ Our Messiah even if we are put to death we will not take your mark of the beast vaccine or any of Satan Wicked devices let's be ready to die for the word of God and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ even if we are put to death we will not bow down before the congregation of the wicked or received their Marc of Authority number of his name

  25. Avatar

    Repeat of our boris Johnson first few days ok, then on life support machine days later, age big factor with trump an drugs he taken before he caught virus

  26. Avatar

    Rainbow girls job's daughters demolay you have been ruled by Wicked children doing the will of their father the devil for the kingdom of antichrist

  27. Avatar
    Private Schmuckitelli

    Are they making trump wear a mask now?

  28. Avatar

    This very well could be tRump's reckoning. tRump on his twitter feed: "World leaders have offered their condolences". LMAO! He is so stupid, he doesn't even know what the word "condolences" means.

  29. Avatar

    you have to wonder is this another trump scam,all for the limelight.he's doing very well for having covid.seems more like a cold some would say.

  30. Avatar

    why take the remdesavere so early ?

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