Nightly News Full Broadcast – Aug. 4

by News Update

On tonight’s broadcast: Brittney Griner was sentenced to 9 years in Russian prison. Four officers have been charged in connection with Breonna Taylor’s death. The U.S. declared monkeypox a public health emergency.

00:00 Intro
02:13 Brittney Griner sentenced In Russia
04:39 Alex Jones verdict reached
06:26 New charges in Breonna Taylor shooting
09:17 Monkeypox declared public health emergency
11:09 Dangerous extreme heat
12:06 China military drills spur White House response
12:41 Inside the Metaverse
16:31 Cold case reopened
18:43 Raiders head coach homecoming

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Marek Kolenda August 5, 2022 - 8:14 AM

August 8 possible China invasion Taiwan

Vince Versage August 5, 2022 - 8:14 AM


Contending for the Faith August 5, 2022 - 8:14 AM

Looks like a man to me, but people are too dumb down to see it

Carmen Hernandez August 5, 2022 - 8:14 AM

Those game is still dangerous.beware

TrevorZ August 5, 2022 - 8:15 AM

So many double standards in the justice system.

Dee August 5, 2022 - 8:15 AM

Prayers Brittany

f1s2hg3 August 5, 2022 - 8:15 AM

Lester Holt is at a black and Hispanic journalist convention! Why? Lester Holt are you not GOOD ENOUGH TO BE IN THE WHITE JOURNALIST CONVENTION? Why do you need a racist convention for only African Americans and Latin American people are they special? Racist people segregate and Lester Holt you just said your a racist!

Marek Kolenda August 5, 2022 - 8:15 AM

Biden administration dispute Pelosi visit Taiwan.Pelosi Democrats wants more political power then Biden administration

Claude Robitaille August 5, 2022 - 8:15 AM

Not a word about Amnisty International's report on ukrainian army using civilians as human shields ? Are we surprised ?

Brent McWilliams August 5, 2022 - 8:15 AM

Ask Robert Dubois If justice was served?

JayylenJamison Spectrix August 5, 2022 - 8:15 AM

Brittney Griner's fate was sealed the day the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. No chance of a deal now.

Sky Hiker 9 August 5, 2022 - 8:16 AM

The rest of the parents should now sue him.

Madylen Shank August 5, 2022 - 8:16 AM

I hate this for her but you have to abide by the laws of all countries or suffer the consequences

Grey Guardian August 5, 2022 - 8:16 AM

Britney you had 1 Job when visiting a Communist Dictatorship🤦‍♂️

It’s Saul Good Man August 5, 2022 - 8:16 AM

She absolutely knew they were in her bag, stupid games come with stupid prizes.

Aaron Ordway August 5, 2022 - 8:16 AM


Jeannine Roberton August 5, 2022 - 8:16 AM

Don't speak your mind, the government will silence you. America is dead.

Mark Barrett August 5, 2022 - 8:17 AM

Courts are a terrible way to solve things.
Courts in my sight allow lies easily.

American EAGLE NEWS August 5, 2022 - 8:18 AM


bellagirl girl August 5, 2022 - 8:18 AM

Alex Jones got what he deserved. WHY did he ever claim that the massacre was a hoax?? Did the N.R.A. put him up to it? What a jerk!

Swamp Fox August 5, 2022 - 8:18 AM

Is Biden going to release ALL the people PRESENTLY being held in AMERICAN prisons on marijuana charges?

Michael Malloy August 5, 2022 - 8:18 AM

Oh my God oh my God I'm waiting for the day China is stupid enough to do what they're doing these days it's only a matter of time if we go to war I'm joining the fight there ain't no communist Nation going to rise up and take my freedom away or someone else's are threatening my country not without a fight. They say we're playing a dangerous game but they better take a look at their self

Rob Moore August 5, 2022 - 8:18 AM

Just because you’re a “basketball star” doesn’t mean the laws don’t apply to you. If she wasn’t a black female none of us would have heard anything of this. Do you know there are other Americans in prison there that none of us hear about

John Boyd August 5, 2022 - 8:19 AM

In the Word's of Dave Chappelle…..
Black folks are bad bargaining chips !!!!!!! 🤔👍

Bambina Forever August 5, 2022 - 8:19 AM

What politics have to do with her bringing drugs to another country? And then saying uuups, a honest mistake. I m innocent. So now if u say uups, mistake, i was packing in a hurry so it is allowed to smuggle drugs? It is according to her. Some people think they re above the law

James Witt August 5, 2022 - 8:20 AM

the racists really coming out of the woodworks about this brittney griner situation.

Bradley Rauk August 5, 2022 - 8:20 AM

Better get the US teacher out of prison too

zechinko August 5, 2022 - 8:20 AM

The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay by spending like the rich yet not imvesting like the rich

Dee August 5, 2022 - 8:20 AM

Right ruling for Breonna awesome..

Beach Bum August 5, 2022 - 8:21 AM

So….. Joe Biden doesn't think weed should be legal, and his own VP prosecuted black people and had them sent to prison for minor drug possession charges, but Russia should free Britney Griner? 🙄🙄

Storytelling by Noblesse August 5, 2022 - 8:21 AM
R.I.P. Randy Rhoads August 5, 2022 - 8:21 AM

As Americans we have NO business going to Russia or China for any reason…. Don't take the chance! they cannot be trusted

j2323j August 5, 2022 - 8:21 AM

You hear the N word
All the Time 😅 that kid is funny

f1s2hg3 August 5, 2022 - 8:21 AM

Britney sounds like A man that is acting like a woman but we know that she is a cursed woman with a bad lifestyle that caught up with her and she is crying

Roger Tremayne August 5, 2022 - 8:21 AM

She broke the law and got caught. Now she has to pay the price.

Craig August 5, 2022 - 8:21 AM

She should have hid it in her Prison Pocket

The Great Empire!! August 5, 2022 - 8:22 AM

I think Alex Jones just realized he F**cked up