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Nigeria’s security forces “shoot dead at least 12 civilians” as protests grow – BBC News

There have been international calls for an end to violence in Nigeria after widespread reports of the killing of civilians.

The human rights group Amnesty International says it has received credible and disturbing evidence that Nigerian security forces shot and killed at least 12 people taking part in a peaceful protest in the country’s largest city, Lagos.

There have been weeks of demonstrations against police brutality, with protesters accusing the now-disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad – or SARS – of torture.

Nigeria’s president has appealed for calm and an indefinite curfew has been imposed on several regions including Lagos.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting from Mayeni Jones in Lagos.

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    Give them rubbers,let them spunk inside they will feel better 😂😂

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    BLM are you watching? 😉

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    Welcome to Africa……..

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    right who shut the chicken shop

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    Race notwithstanding it’s always those in power that do this violence

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    Lol they edited out the footballer saying the Nigerian government is the first government to send the military to kill its civilians. 1989 cough cough

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    Come to save them,British people

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    This will be another Lebanon, and the' leaders will take the money, and run!
    The people will suffer not the rich!

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    Protecting ccp investments. Resources ect. Those high interest loans with Huge default clauses to grab land . Got rid of the white farmers who would have warned people

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    “Black Lives Matter”

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    They deal with real police brutality and corruption but people wanna say its bad in America but all I can say is good luck

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    It’s horrific 😰poor people hope they all stay safe

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    Mark_Porsche _911

    Oh yeah they look like “PEACEFUL PROTESTERS” 🙄

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    Okay but really, protesters need to learn how to use cover points, they’re basically made for pot shots

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    Courage au people Nigerian 🇳🇬 🇲🇦

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    So do these black lives matter to BLM?

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    This will never happen in Ghana because we don’t argue with police

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    Buildings on fire..peaceful innocent protestors. I call bullshit!
    Can you imagine your life at the hands of these angry violent mobs.

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    Pat-Vida advocacy

    Thank you for airing this tragedy

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    They want to find a way into America

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    Why does the US not cover these protests, like they do with Hongkong, Bolivia and Venezuela? Thats right, because its not supported by the CIA.

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    Will blm protest this across the globe? … 🤔

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    There was chaos and violence everywhere today. Alot more people died. This is being under reported by Zionist media

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    It was 78 people not 12 🤦‍♂️

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    Anglosphere Federalist

    The world is watching and is too busy with its own issues at the moment.

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    Why is no one wearing masks

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    1:42 she died later that that evening R.I.P 🙏

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    I thought nigeria were smart.

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