Home / News / Nigerians protesting anti-police brutality bring Lagos to standstill

Nigerians protesting anti-police brutality bring Lagos to standstill

Nigerians are calling for police reform and an end to police brutality and corruption.

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  1. Avatar

    Ty for sharing this

  2. Avatar

    The title of this video says the complete opposite of what the video is about. Nigerians are protesting police brutality. They are not protesting against brutality against police ("Nigerians protesting anti-police brutality being Lagos to standstill"). If possible, you might want to fix that.
    I was a bit confused by the heading.

  3. Avatar

    I got 3 words. Law in order.

  4. Avatar

    Thank you CBC . The world needs to know about this. Nigerians are around the world doing very well. But dare not come back home because there is no security, unstable power, corrupt immigration officers, bad roads and many more

  5. Avatar
    Art by Jeremy Maya Robinson

    Wouldn't that headline make more sense if it just said "protesting police brutality"? Putting "anti" in there makes it sound like they support police brutality.

  6. Avatar

    Fix the title lol

  7. Avatar
    Raw Dawg Pendants

    Look, police ARE paid by us tax payers! State workers….paid by tax payers, do you pay a contractor to build YOUR home the way HE wants!? Then why the f would any sane person pay anyone police or not, to NOT do what WE want!? We pay politicains, like theres a magical fund with their paychecks!? WE ARE PAYING FOR THEM TO DO TO US AGAINST OUR WILL AND IT MUST STOP NOW!! WITHOUT US THERE IS NO THEM, AND WITHOUT THEM WE CAN BE OURSELVES, good people take the place of cops, and shoot criminals on site, no jail paid for by tax payers, and in a year tops NO ONE will want to be a criminal. Police actually promote violence and are the definition of terrorism! We DONT need them anymore they have failed over and over with the drug war and criminals running rampid, standing by while they assault and vandalize. Time for a reset of all our governments.

  8. Avatar
    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    Nigeria also has a problem with raciste white cops? … those darn privileged people going everywhere and spreading oppression upon the stunning and brave LGBTQI2SBIPOCXYZ. Leave them alone.

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Nothing will change. It's Nigeria.

  11. Avatar

    The title should be "protesting police brutality" without the anti.

  12. Avatar

    Two things. The title of this video makes no sense.. also you're showing only a part of the protest. There were peaceful sit ins and marches with more than enough video evidence. No need to repeat the same reel over and over.

  13. Avatar

    Sending love from USA my free brothers. Freedom don't come free. Keep up the good fight.
    All evil needs is good people to do nothing. "FREEDOM"

  14. Avatar
    #Life IS God's Gift #US! Blessed

    Please fix the title. Thanks for carrying this news.

  15. Avatar

    Africa…what a sad case of brutality.

  16. Avatar

    Well well well.. isn't that just an atrocious mess. Show some dignity. Show some restraint and enough with the over relaxed personalities … and speak to someone like you mean it .. not just blabbing out loud

    This is just a general message to most of their population

  17. Avatar
    Private Confidential

    We need some of that spirit here in canada

  18. Avatar

    Canada 💘 Trump!

  19. Avatar

    Canada 💘 Trump!

  20. Avatar

    Canada 💘 Trump!

  21. Avatar

    LOL, the headline says they are protesting "anti-police brutality" but it appears they are protesting police brutality. CBC should keep illiterate texting-generation milennials away from headline writing.

  22. Avatar

    What???? Nothing on the WE Scandal and the Liberal Coverups in the ethics commission.
    NDP MP Charlie Angus's statement : " There is something Juicy in those documents that they (Liberals) are desperate to avoid the opposition from getting."

  23. Avatar
    Elevated Emotions


  24. Avatar

    They should let China manage it, they are building things there

  25. Avatar

    I'm assuming they actually HAVE police brutality… but I mean BLM and antifa are fighting a great fight according to cbc so… idk wtf to believe… but again I would guess from what we hear from their history and citizens… they have a true issues with government. Im so glad to see them banning together and standing up to fight back instead of running away and letting it keep happen and blame the usa for not saving them

  26. Avatar

    cbc should be defunded …horrible Trudeau,s lapdogs

  27. Avatar

    Result: intensified beatings

  28. Avatar

    How's that biden scandal story goin?
    We scandal?

  29. Avatar

    You forgot to tell us how Trump's white supremacist voters have caused this Nigerian "anti brutality protest". Also, whoever wrote this headline is semi-illiterate.

  30. Avatar

    leftists lying about police violence everywhere.

  31. Avatar
    Freedom Loving Loyalist

    The leftists have entered the chat.

  32. Avatar

    Looks like they are letting the AI write the headlines now 🤣

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