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Nigerian police mobilize all officers as protests, unrest continue

All police officers in Nigeria have been ordered to mobilize amid unrest and protests over police brutality. Nigerians had been protesting the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or SARS, which has now been disbanded.

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  1. Avatar

    Good maybe if they mobilize them all in one place they can blow the building up and get rid of the corruption!

  2. Avatar

    BLM Nigerian style…authoritarian police states that ignore the wealthy and privileged class crimes while severely punishing peaceful protest is global systemic problem.

  3. Avatar

    We should be doing the same thing here

  4. Avatar

    Hello CBC News

  5. Avatar

    It all started as a peaceful protest until a politician by the name Bola Tinubu ordered the military to shut down the lights the protesters were using to see and started shooting at them….After that incident, the youths became angry and started vandalising all properties owned by corrupted politicians who steals the country's money…..During this rage, they discovered supplies for the Covid-19 pandemic that was meant to be shared to people in the country stored in multiple private warehouses for more than four months . And for the police brutality, the police are not being payed so they are using that frustration on the youths.

  6. Avatar

    why are we worried about what's going on over there we need to worry about what's going on in our own backyard

  7. Avatar
    Freedom Loving Loyalist

    No one cares about what's happening in Nigeria.

  8. Avatar
    Freedom Loving Loyalist

    Free Rhodesia, not Nigeria.

  9. Avatar

    So sad, 😪😪🇨🇦…No one wins…"rules and principles were drawn up to accommodate the abusers"…

  10. Avatar

    protests are just excuses to commit crime, bully the weak and take advantage of other people. have we seen protesters raid police stations?

  11. Avatar

    Funny same thing is happening in America……..oh yeah BLM right?

  12. Avatar

    Wake up america its not BLM thats just culture for them.

  13. Avatar
    canadian survivalist

    Police are being beheaded and burnt

  14. Avatar
    Cosmic Singularity

    BLM — Biden’s Laptop Matters!

  15. Avatar

    OMG what about the Nigerian princes? Are they all ok? Do I need to send money so they can free tied up inheritance?

  16. Avatar

    Looks like the Police need more funding, just like our Country. God Bless the Police Officers trying to keep the peace.

  17. Avatar
    Christina M. Cayton

    END SARS!!!

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    I feel terrible for the people in Nigeria. The government is also not doing anything about attacks against Nigerian Christians.

  20. Avatar
    Fred Hampton's Ghost

    We're living in a revolutionary epoch. Onwards to world socialism!

  21. Avatar

    Part of the depopulation PLANDEMICs

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