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Nigeria: security forces in Lagos open fire on protesters fighting against police brutality

Nigerian security forces have opened fire on hundreds of protesters in Lagos, as rallies against police brutality continued in defiance of a 24-hour curfew. Footage shared on social media shows shots being fired in the Lekki district of Africa’s largest city. Demonstrators continued their protest against the notorious Sars police unit, now dissolved but long-accused of extra-judicial killings, torture and extortion. The government has adopted measures including judicial panels to investigate abuses and compensation for victims, and officials have called for protesters to suspend the demonstrations to give the government time to make good on its pledges

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  1. Avatar

    EXPECT this kind of violence in America if the LEFT gets any more power. Europe already f**ked!

  2. Avatar

    Beautiful, I love seeing communities coming together to fight the oppressors.

  3. Avatar

    This is what police brutality looks like for anyone in the west who thinks they are living under tyranny.

  4. Avatar

    Don't they know BLM?, no tier lockdown system there.

  5. Avatar

    Is this London?

  6. Avatar

    See the people commenting about BLM then insist they aren’t racist? How on a video of innocent people being gunned down by tyrants and you’re commenting trying to make jokes about an unrelated subject

  7. Avatar

    Arrrrrhh a page out of the britsh play book
    Remember the mine protest incident a while ago

  8. Avatar

    Now is the time for Africa revolution

  9. Avatar
    Adrienne Robles Elisabeth Morrison

    Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯

  10. Avatar

    Who gives a flying j about this 3rd world country

  11. Avatar

    Actual oppression, West look and learn

  12. Avatar

    I'm going to write "Enoch Powell was Right" on every single diversity 50 pence piece I find.

  13. Avatar

    Sonwo iku we will never forget what you done. Posterity will pay you all back.

  14. Avatar

    BLM been informed about this?

  15. Avatar

    I have been saying it and will keep saying it
    Buhari is the worst president ever… His regime is a mess

    BTW why are some people in the comment section saying BLM?
    This isn't about racism
    It is about how the innocent citizens in Nigeria are being oppressed and killed by the so called Buhari, his fellow evil members with their bad governorship

  16. Avatar

    How to run a country ! They couldn't run a model railway.

  17. Avatar

    Establishment are causing this around the world.

  18. Avatar

    Didn't these knot heads just have a military coup to overthrow their corrupt leaders?? What are they complaining about now?

  19. Avatar

    After end of furlough we will see this pictures in UK

  20. Avatar

    I can't see any diversity there, perhaps its what they need

  21. Avatar

    Black Lives Matter – but this will be hidden in Western media.

  22. Avatar

    No less than Genocide 1312

  23. Avatar

    covid gonna go u[p

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