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Nicola Sturgeon speaks at SNP campaign launch – watch live

Nicola Sturgeon speaks at SNP campaign launch

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  1. Avatar

    12:50 interesting how Theresa May "didn't have a mandate for a hard Brexit" because she lost her majority, but Nicola Sturgeon has a mandate for independence, even though she lost hers.

  2. Avatar

    so england and wales want independance but she will stop that but she wants independance for scotland then,,, have it governed by brussels,,,

  3. Avatar

    boris is a remainer,, so is corbyn and jo, so no worries about the uk leaving the eu

  4. Avatar

    Am absolutely sick to death of hearing the line "Taking us out of the EU against our will". Sorry Nicola, but, Scotland voted to remain part of the UK, and the UK voted in the EU referendum. Simple as that.

  5. Avatar

    More chaos and division coming to Scotland thanks to Sturgeon and her obsession. Not bothered about Scotlands economy, security or defence

  6. Avatar

    Very true comments posted by many clever and sensible Scots regarding the farce of the SNP. And just for the record, only 42% voted to remain in the EU, not 62% the SNP would have you believe…

  7. Avatar

    Hey nicola.. why dont you just accept the result of at least 1 referendum. Stop this anti English rhetoric and start helping Scotland and it's people

  8. Avatar

    Why does she always look constipated

  9. Avatar

    Sturgeon just STFU and disappear to your holiday home in Portugal , and don't come back , Alan Dundee !

  10. Avatar

    Wreckers of Scottish and UK unity….. at the time very we are needing a joined up Great Britain …all they can do is think of Independence…. what a joke…. same old single track record

  11. Avatar

    Funny that for the last referendum it was oil that was going to be Scotland's saviour, now it's green energy, what will it be for the third Indy ref!
    Nicola sturgeon s SNP are a bigger threat to the NHS than any Brexit, and that's a fact!

  12. Avatar

    The SNP have destroyed my hometown and my country.

  13. Avatar

    I am Scottish not European full stop the EU is corrupt to the core.

  14. Avatar

    You and your party is destroying Scotland.

  15. Avatar

    Your Tories, our PCs, USAs Repukes (republicans). The world devolves to a bunch of feuding tribes!

  16. Avatar

    As a Scot I wish the so called leader of the SNP, If she loves the the EU so much, she pisses off to somewhere else in Europe and stays there and give us all peace of her rants. WE DONT WANT ANY PART OF THE UNELECTED BEUROCRATIC E.U.
    yap,yap Surgeon.

  17. Avatar

    This woman will never ever respect the results of any referendum unless of course it goes her way. Hypocrisy and bigotry on a grand scale.

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