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Nicola Sturgeon outlines new lockdown levels for Scotland

Scotland’s first minister sets out five levels of possible intervention her government proposes for suppressing coronavirus. She tells a press briefing that local authorities and businesses will be consulted before decisions are made on the restrictions
UK coronavirus news – live updates

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  1. Avatar

    Churches should be open or not??

  2. Avatar

    Wakey wakey people, you really need to start getting angrier and doing something about this. We're fast running out of time.

  3. Avatar

    A (safe?)vacinne can't be only for public health reasons when the Covid 19 survival rate is already 99.99% and increasing.

  4. Avatar

    Let's all call out BS

  5. Avatar

    The need to stop blaming hospitality for the spread of the virus! There is no scientific proof this is the case!
    The only industry where proper track and trace measures are in place!

  6. Avatar

    This woman is loving all this she wants and thinks she's some big world leader when she's just a shrimp in a big pond ..she now has a bit of power over her own ppl so throwing her weight around while in the limelite HORRID WOMAN

  7. Avatar

    All about control and NOTHING else. Our children will pay for this stupidity!

  8. Avatar

    If England had had 5 tiers, Scotland would have 7 lol

  9. Avatar

    Mad Cow disease is back

  10. Avatar

    Lock this nutter up asap

  11. Avatar
    Sanity Is Freedom

    Just ignore it ,what are they going to do?

  12. Avatar

    Free the Shetland and Orkney Islands!!

  13. Avatar

    Bill Gates little pet ginger goblin

  14. Avatar

    Thats what happens when women is in charge. Disqusting decisions to say no more. Worst dictatorship than at North Korea

  15. Avatar

    You will be caught out

  16. Avatar

    I like how wee Nicola criticises what the English are doing then does virtually the same thing a week or two later!! 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡

  17. Avatar

    If we all worked for open reach then we wouldn't have to obey these rules, none of their workers ever did. They were full force during the lockdown taking full advantage with no distancing. All for something nobody wants installed! Something the CDC even said causes coronavirus, yes the centre for disease control themselves published that on their website, know that before you censor me for disinformation.

  18. Avatar

    It just had to have more levels 🙄

  19. Avatar
    Timothy Treadwell

    You Scots always get more than the English, you even get more lockdown levels!!!!

  20. Avatar

    Nicola: anything you can do I can do better! I can do anything better than you.
    Public: it’s not better though…it’s just more complicated

  21. Avatar

    I will not comply Sturgeon & SNP are globalist puppets enemies of the people.

  22. Avatar

    I haven't worn a mask. EVER
    Yet I'm still alive and so are you. 🤔

  23. Avatar
    BeeBeeThree Adventures.

    Give scotland their much needed independence, guaranteeing this by letting the English vote next time , oooo she’s a bit Krankie.

  24. Avatar

    When will she dissappear old hag

  25. Avatar

    David Icke was right

  26. Avatar

    Gates's vaccines have been killing Africans coming yiur way

  27. Avatar

    Level 6 when the SNP is kicked out of power 👍

  28. Avatar

    Coronavirus has taken the interpreters legs !!!

    This must stop.

  29. Avatar

    The nhs was never overwhelmed and will not be overwhelmed now

  30. Avatar

    Time to ignore everything

  31. Avatar

    How many people are being diagnosed with fungal infection and respiratory pneumonia due to mask wearing? I already know, but I just want to see if you actually address the fact people are walking around with medical masks made of GMO cotton causing more problems than the apparent Covid

  32. Avatar

    Power had gone to wee krankie's head

  33. Avatar

    If you think I'm doin another 3 months of not seeing anyone u can shove it up ur hole

  34. Avatar

    Is she really a female ?

  35. Avatar

    I was hoping for move levels personally. Maybe 10 or 50 or 100?

  36. Avatar

    Little Nicky doing was she's been ordered to do by Boris

  37. Avatar


  38. Avatar

    She will be remembered as PM that destroy economy and thousands of businesses across country. Biggest BS in history

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