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Nice knife attack: Three people killed in French coastal city

Three people have been killed in a knife attack at a church in the French city of Nice, the city’s mayor said. A suspect has been taken into custody, according to the mayor, who said “everything points” to the incident being terrorism-related.

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    The French butterfly memes just came out not even a day ago😭😭

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    The religion of peace at work again

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    Idiocy of Govt. of France for display…It is getting its own house on fire….
    O'truthful people of the world identify roots of this crises….foolish & dirty politics will come before you…Govt. of France is going to be injurious to innocent humankind…

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    Ilhan omar : some people did something 😳

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    Can't watch to see how Facebook, Twitter, & UTube CENSOR the reaction to this "stab" @ France's free speech by a "mostly peaceful" jihadi.

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    I just want to be sure I understand the CNN terminology here. This guy was successful in stabbing/slashing three people and is called a terrorist, 48 hours earlier a guy in Philadelphia attacked two police officers with a knife and he is called a victim. Let’s ignore the race and religious beliefs of everyone involved and try to correctly apply the terminology. Notice there is no rioting and looting in Nice.

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    Nice headline, CNN. You don't have editors, proofreaders or professionals over there, by chance? 🤨

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    CNN is fake news! "Nice knife attack: Three people killed in French coastal city" – it shows how insensitive you are CNN. It is such a terrible headline – You are gross and a terrible outlet – I would never call CNN news – you really dwell in the sewers of humanity!

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    All you Biden voters need to open your eyes to this because this is exactly what's going to happen here in America if that loser gets in office

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    This is the consequences of open borders, and this is why Trump happened

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    Nice knife attack? Thought you were talking about the guy that attacked the police with the knife in Philly¯_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

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    Macron and France are going to have to brace themselves for more of these going forward. Unfortunately, they've pissed off the only religious group that will murder old women over cartoons.

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    Well CNN I don’t think this was very nice.

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    Amazon Alexa Programmers escaped the lab to kill a group of whites

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    And Biden wants to bring these people in by the truckloads….we're screwed

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    Bidens Sick Laptop

    Thank you Trump!!!

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    Looking at the comment section of the US biggest and most liberal news station. Is Biden really……winning?

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    Americans in comment section are just concern on how CNN wrote the news title or is it grammatically correct or not, but not bout the news itself. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Also Republicans know that News is more reality, its not like fox news feeding them garbage just to keep them happy. 😂😂😂 Fox News be like news of the day “ Obama wore a brown coat, is he racists or he just supporting black lives matter”?. “Trump avoided tax for years, he is such a good businessman, we should support him and give him this country. “

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    I’m Theonewhotriggers


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    EMBARRASSING to be middle eastern when most of the world is progressing yet the Middle East is devolving back into the Stone Age because the idiots there think theocracy is a good idea. They’re so arrogant they legitimately believe the rest of the world is doing it wrong with their big noses stuck up in the air.

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    Wait…..isnt France part of NATO…that terrorist organization that bombs the Hell out of whatever nation they wish to kill.

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    France is starting to do some CCP shit

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    Alhamdulillah. Thats freedom of action as a reaction from freedom of speech

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    So, police should have shot this person with a knife before … but not in America if the person is black even if he attacks police with a knife. Right?

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    Out of all the possible ways this video could have been named, this is the worst

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    Bidens Sick Laptop

    Man Exposes Weather Channel Fake News by Wandering into Live Shot https://www.infowars.com/posts/man-exposes-weather-channel-fake-news-by-wandering-into-live-shot/

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    How can CNN say Nice ??
    Do they have democratic

    Peaceful protests there too?

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    But islam is a peaceful religion and muslims are vessels of peace😶🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

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    The Problem is Not Islam The West robing Islam / South America nation / African Nation……./ We see USA in 2015 when Obama was in office MR Trump Said Clinton (CIA ) they made ISIS it is True and CIA Crab go back to Khoumeni Iran they help move from Paris to Iran to Rob the Iranian people revoultion the list is long CIA do same shit in South America but they use Drug and Mafia Group to keep hand ……………… MR Trump is Emergency President because USA /West lost control 2015 Obama was in office also Emergency move by UK moving out of the EU because West lost control of the International System A New IS in the making …… Maybe and i hope smaller nation will be rob less from the West in the new International System .Thank U Very Much Foreigner

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    That really should read "Not so nice knife attack".

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    Denba Mohamed BIGUE

    Seriously CNN! Nice Knife Attack.

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    Dad Crying for his child 👉https://youtu.be/y9OpNDq40Tc

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    see, how disgusting these medias are, when they wanna get more views

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    This is why one always needs gun on them for the violent non whites

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    Islamic radicalism is truth not a myth and most significant in present times. Muslims community have to accept it ractify it burka isn't a 21st century dress. Can u do jobs in police, sports, acting, other formal jobs
    How left can't see it
    They say 50% equity in jobs and woman can wear burka. Isn't it contradiction.
    I m not against head covering. Burka is just plain nonsense and oppression on woman by man

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    This will never stop unless you send them back to their own countries.
    Islam Christophobia.

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    Just imagine if the guy had access to high powered weapons like they do here.

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    Now France become FRANCENISTAN

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    Well at least it was nice. Don't want to spread hate.

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    Why is YouTube deleting all the "NICE" comments?

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