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Next debate could see rule changes after chaotic first face-off

Chief White House correspondent John Roberts, on debates commission considering changes following tumultuous first presidential debate. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Also Bidden should not be allowed to hear questions ahead of time and they should both have their ears checked for earpieces

  2. Avatar

    Let's cut Chris Wallace off and get a impartial moderator how about that.We all knew what Wallace was gonna do from the get go. And dementiacrats are real good about wanting to shut off people's microphones 🎤🎙️.

  3. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a crook!!

  4. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people!!

  5. Avatar

    Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession!!

  6. Avatar

    Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession!!

  7. Avatar

    No pants pooping.

  8. Avatar
    Roberto Rodriguez


  9. Avatar

    It wasn't clear in 2016 when he was asked and he answers, so obviously it hasn't been cleared for the rest of his life…..for some reason, they keep repeating the question, like "how about now?" "how about now?" "are you a racist yet?" "are you now?" "how about today?"

    I hate people

  10. Avatar

    Proud Boys are counter to Black Surpemacists BLM and the soy boys from PAnitfa.
    Proud Boys are a defensive group there to protect patriots.
    Black surpemacists BLM and Soy boys PAnitfa attack everyone, forcing them to put their hand up, far left fascists.
    TRUMP 2020 🇬🇧🇺🇲✊🏻

  11. Avatar

    I'm sick of these people "changing the rules" when things don't go the way they want.

  12. Avatar

    The moderator should not let a candidate say "im not going to answer that" and make sure the question is answered and not pivot…

  13. Avatar
    Sam Jayakumar Isaac

    Cowards you and your coward are good at lying to American people …since your 1st debate,panic started gripping your channel , Donald Trump and all Republicans…..now your coward has got a new tactic to avoid further debates , COVID 19….
    Losers and Suckers

  14. Avatar

    God bless you, America You will be great again

  15. Avatar
    jerry kirkpatrick

    All you need to know about mail in ballots is that it’s okay for the military and Trump dismantled mail sorting machines JUST BEFORE THE ELECTION. Because more democrats vote by mail than republicans. Do the math. VOTE BIDEN SAVE AMERICA!

  16. Avatar

    Did trump get the hoax virus is a better question

  17. Avatar
    Sandra Mulchahey

    JOHN ROBERTS IS A DISGRACE. President Trump has denounced white supremacy over and over again, the question has been asked and answered.

  18. Avatar

    Trump wouldnt have got the virus if he hadnt done the testing…. According to trumps ideology theres so much positives cases cause theres so much testing

  19. Avatar

    john roberts is an azzwipe. no scent sir fux.

  20. Avatar

    Trump, who called COVID-19 a 'hoax 🤥

  21. Avatar

    This mute button at the debate is code for President Trump to be silenced and since Biden wouldn't drug test or be checked for a wire I hope the President refuses to debate under any conditions set by Team Trojan Horse.This question about denouncing White Supremacy has been answered over and over again. If you're trying to drive a wedge between the President and his rising Black support this is what you would use. The President didn't hear the person in the golf cart shout White power as he and Kayleigh have said, over and over again. Why doesn't Fox News act like they've never heard these denouncements? I get fake news doing it because they aren't really news, so I guess Fox is leaning more and more to the left. Pretty soon they'll be fake news and OAN and News Max will get their viewers.

  22. Avatar

    How about cutting off Bidens earpiece

  23. Avatar

    Comments are off on most posts, hmm trouble in Mudville? People have to stop lying for the President have to stop looking at the Administration Play book for answers and lies, the crayons are running. Step down while the stepping good Donny.

  24. Avatar

    Nope…..the Dems hoaxed Trump with fake Positive CV test……so there will not be another debate…..The Dems don’t want to debate anymore….so they pulled another hoax out…that’s all…Easy to see and understand

  25. Avatar
    Andrey Pena Jimenez

    There are rules and order when it comes to a Presidential Debate. There will be ramifications if you don’t follow the rules, simple🤷‍♂️ this debate is for the American people not for ego stroking 🥱

  26. Avatar

    They want to take down a video of one idiot saying something racist, when they don't take down videos of all the racist stuff the left shouts out. Racism is bad on either side, so why does it get to stay up if it's from the left? Yeah. We all know the answer to that.

  27. Avatar

    So it’s ok for BLM and ANTIFA to promote race hate against white people but white people can’t stand up for their race and beliefs? I definitely don’t agree with hatred but seems like there’s a whole lot of hypocrisy being thrown around ok for some but not the other

  28. Avatar

    Pistols at ten paces, turn and fire…winner wins the Debate🤗😉

  29. Avatar

    The Democrats can't handle Donald Trump that's why they have to change everything they have no chance the Democrats have shown their true colors to America we've been watching TV for 6 months stuck in our houses watching the Despicable immoral lying deceitful Democrats show their true colors

  30. Avatar

    I wish Trump2020 well and hope he get better . lot of vitamin c

  31. Avatar

    So suppression of free speech is your answer?

  32. Avatar

    That is not investigative journalism it is a political hit you are a con

  33. Avatar

    Joe Biden looks bad because it's joe Biden. Not because of an open mic

  34. Avatar

    Instead of a referee called moderator allow them to talk. Biden and Chris talked more than TRUMP. GLY

  35. Avatar

    Why should the debate proceedings change?
    This could be a methodology of Censorship! That is Ridiculous!
    Proud Boys aren’t white supremacists.
    They are Pro-Law and Order!

  36. Avatar

    Wallace already said he would not use the button as people have a right to hear.

  37. Avatar
    Stringy-bark creek

    It would of been good if Wallace didnt keep cutting in. He destroyed the whole debate

  38. Avatar
    Stringy-bark creek

    Wallace couldn't run a brothel let alone a debate

  39. Avatar

    You people are the ones that don't accept clarity. Trump has stated dozens of times that he doesn't support white supremacists, on the other hand, I believe Biden does, he obviously supports antifa and blm terrorism (like MSM and most left wing politicians) !

  40. Avatar
    Murielle Leblanc

    Ttrump had covid-19 during the debate and he knew about it.

  41. Avatar

    Sure make adjustment joe biden shoe in. …

  42. Avatar

    So the Democrats are making the rules.
    Not fair to the President.

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