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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern wins 2nd term in election landslide

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won a second term in office Saturday in an election landslide of historic proportions.

With most votes counted, Ardern’s liberal Labour Party was winning 49 per cent of the vote compared to 27 per cent for its main challenger, the conservative National Party.

In a victory speech in front of hundreds of cheering supporters in Auckland, Ardern said her party had gotten more support from New Zealanders that at any time in at least 50 years.

“This has not been an ordinary election, and it’s not an ordinary time,” she said. “It’s been full of uncertainty and anxiety, and we set out to be an antidote to that.”

Ardern promised not to take her new supporters for granted and to govern for all New Zealanders.

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  1. Avatar

    Congratulations on your next term, very well done.

  2. Avatar

    some mentioned her a leader. a leader who has less the 50% of the vote is not a leader. she does not have a majority, even a slim one. she got less than her cousin in the British commonwealth!? to consider herself a winner of the majority of the people of NZ.

  3. Avatar

    1:58 I stopped my 9-5 thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  4. Avatar

    she does not know the people of NZ. she does not know what they think, what they read and in what many factions believe in. stupidity like in other countries will lead to deception in the future and regrets. take an example turkey of Atatürk and turkey of er dogan policies. she needs a lot of deep thinking to understand the difference!

  5. Avatar
    DemocRAT Bobble Head

    Who cares, you are only covering this because it's a wahman.

  6. Avatar

    I love this lady 🥰

  7. Avatar

    Poor New Zealand. Feel sorry for the people. Feel sorry for Canadians also
    With the current leader in chief. Time to go……

  8. Avatar

    Imagine thinking she actually did something 😂 it’s all propaganda…

  9. Avatar

    Bravo 👏🏼 best wishes to the people of New Zealand 🇳🇿 on the successful election ….love n Respect from Afghanistan 🇦🇫.

  10. Avatar

    Congrates to her

  11. Avatar

    she used a tragedy to give government the power to sensor the internet all while raising taxes

  12. Avatar

    Good luck New Zealand, you'll need it

  13. Avatar

    I have have about 100hectaers I need some trees removed from. Maybe after the next election.

  14. Avatar

    They had so much voter fraud it’s hilarious.

  15. Avatar

    I just liked the video before watching it!

  16. Avatar

    she got like 9.8/20 mark. not even 10/20 of the votes! and she is proud. i do not understand the degree of being proud in her capabilities. but it is sad there are no persons who can defeat her and grab the majority of the acceptance by the people! is NZ bankrupt with high profile personalities in politics life. like the cousin in the commonwealth?!

  17. Avatar

    There are only 3 most popular and people liked Prime Ministers in the world:
    1. PM Imran Khan
    2. PM Jacinda Arden's
    3. Justin Trudeau

  18. Avatar

    let's see in a few months if you made the right choice.

  19. Avatar

    RIP New Zealand, it was nice knowing you.

  20. Avatar

    Personally, I wouldn't call 49% of the vote a landslide.

  21. Avatar

    People deserve their rulers, free cheese 🧀 only in the mouse trap 🤣

  22. Avatar

    I'm puzzled. She won 49% of the vote, which means she lost 51% How is this a landslide.

  23. Avatar

    poor New Zealand

  24. Avatar

    It's good to know New Zealanders have not lost their mind yet. Jacinda is a rare PM and NZ is lucky to have her. Don't let the comments in this video – who are from people who do not even know what NZ's flag looks like – tell you otherwise.

  25. Avatar

    Without a vaccine (and there has never been a successful corona virus vaccine) New Zealand can never open its borders again. New Zealanders may not be too worried about this now, but give it a year to sink in that they are painted into a corner. Jacinda offers short term gain for long term pain, unless they get lucky with a vaccine.

  26. Avatar

    She is absolutely amazing !!

  27. Avatar

    That's a leader and decent politician for you…I envy NZ for having such a great human being at the steering wheel.
    Poor Americans…they look at Lucinda and say : oh my lord !!! New Zealanders have her and we have the worst imaginable scumbag as a president…why,oh why?!?!
    I hope after her term is done ,she'll become Madame General Secretary of United Nations. Thank you.

  28. Avatar

    This could be Trump if he was actually a good leader

  29. Avatar

    New Zealand is fu..ed now. Enjoy!

  30. Avatar

    Who would've thought handling the pandemic well could result in you getting re-elected?

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    We Love And Respect You Ma'am
    With Love From India

  33. Avatar

    In the past year, there have been some pretty stunning reports of the accomplishments of women leaders around the world. When they become the majority, we'll start getting somewhere.

  34. Avatar

    I thought NZ was on serious lockdown? Why is no one on the stage wearing a mask? 🧐

  35. Avatar

    Wow. Didn’t realize NZers are that nuts.

  36. Avatar

    I think New Zealanders have forgotten they are suppose to raise sheep and not be sheep…….

  37. Avatar

    So happy mind my sister 🌷

  38. Avatar

    Gad BLS you 💞 my sister

  39. Avatar

    Im not from new zealand. I don't even know who her running mate was, but let me give my expert opinion. I see she was re-elected by a wide margin, so many NZ must like her. But may I say, And I don't like to say this, but she appears anorexic.! I am worried about her. She really cares about her NZ'ers , but does anyone else see this ?

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