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New Zealand Places Biggest City On Lockdown After Four COVID-19 Cases Confirmed | NBC News NOW

New Zealand’s first cases of COVID-19 in more than three months sent the country back into lockdown on Wednesday. The discovery of four infected family members in Auckland led Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to reimpose restrictions across the entire country.
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New Zealand Places Biggest City On Lockdown After Four COVID-19 Cases Confirmed | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    Godbless U New Zealand. God is on His throne. 👑❤

  2. Avatar

    NZ have four new cases: Shutdown city.

    US passed 5 millions cases: Let's party or protest.

  3. Avatar

    Well, that's a departure from the way amerikkans act

  4. Avatar

    T R U M P 2020 *** ////// T R U M P 2020 *** ////// T R U M P 2020 *** ////// T R U M P 2020 *** ////// T R U M P 2020 *** //////

  5. Avatar

    Democratscum = Voter Fraud Democratscum = Voter Fraud Democratscum = Voter Fraud Democratscum = Voter Fraud

  6. Avatar

    Here in the U.S. 4 more positive cases is a reason to spread it more…and party!! Unreal how stupid some of us are here

  7. Avatar

    Lets bury our heads in the sand. The sky is falling. Oh no it's the apocalypse…a big 4 alleged "virus" cases. 🙄🐤☄️

  8. Avatar

    B role shows customers in line not social distancing.

  9. Avatar

    This is nothing compared to Victoria Australia

  10. Avatar

    Most people agree, the early bird always catches the worm .

  11. Avatar

    Covid 19 isn't the only disease that is rampant in the USA , The other one is called stupidity .

  12. Avatar

    How many Americans would love to move to another country (with their families) where the leaders actually care about the wellbeing of their citizens (until the madman IQ45 is no longer a threat to our safety and wellbeing)? Make sure you do everything possible to vote him out in November!

  13. Avatar

    Stop eating animals !
    That would end 99% of all diseases..
    and help mother earth at the same time.
    Don't wait for Government to lead it's up to the people.
    I know the Monster people wont want to stop the torture and murder
    of innocent animals or the eating of there body parts…
    but maybe for the future just maybe commonsense may prevail.
    there is always hope.

  14. Avatar

    Police are arresting citizens in Australia & New Zealand if they aren't wearing a mask. Physical assault by police & criminal damage due to faked figures, propaganda & communist controls driving Covid police crackdowns & martial law. The only solution is to learn the truth, everybody defying the lockdowns & reopening the nation's & calling for the prevention of false arrests/controls & an end to corruption. They are already rolling out surveillance equipment & Melbourne flying Chinese tracking technology for Communist Chinese surveillance measures that would last year's. The "new normal" is code for NWO UN Agenda smart cities, social scoring & genocide. Watch Dollar Vigilante on Bitchute, ACT NOW EVERYBODY! Please share. https://www.bitchute.com/video/w5eu3glTgJUP/

  15. Avatar

    Did i hear Covid was 'eliminated'?

  16. Avatar

    This is pure electioneering by our authoritarian leader.

  17. Avatar

    Peer review medical journal The Lancet. No evidence lockdowns work:. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/eclinm/article/PIIS2589-5370(20)30208-X/fulltext

  18. Avatar

    The video doesn't give the whole story.
    These 4 cases are our first community spread cases in 102 days. The source has yet to be determined.
    The Auckland level 3 lockdown runs until midnight Friday to minimise potential spread while contact tracing and testing determines source and extent of spread.
    Quite likely it will run longer and the spread is potentially worse than so far postulated.
    The rest of the country has gone to Level 2 status as a precautionary measure.
    We do have some other cases identified in our quarantined residents returning from overseas. They are housed in isolated, managed facilities.
    The whole country understands and is on board with this. It is a function of clear, consistent messaging from our leadership and our recognition that we each have to do the right thing for the good of all.

    Wash your hands.
    Social distance.
    Stay home if you can or are sick.
    Wear a mask.
    Be kind to each other.

    These are the bricks in the only wall you need.

    Make America Well Again!

  19. Avatar

    After I see New Zealabd Biggest lockdown, I wowed. Then I saw, FOUR, I laughed..

  20. Avatar
    God dimm Donald Trump v

    The people of Hong Kong hope that the waste prime minister is truly treasured! 4 people were diagnosed to postpone the election? So far, 4244 people have been diagnosed in Hong Kong, so can't the election be postponed? New Zealanders’ lives are precious. Is life in Hong Kong like ants? Therefore, all Hong Kong citizens hope that the presidents and prime ministers of the member states of the Five Eyes Alliance will be diagnosed with COVID-19 and die!

  21. Avatar

    NBC,accomplice of China and CCP in exporting tyranny to the US, just as disgusting as your boss Democratic Party, Biden and Obama. The watchdog that sold US out to China

  22. Avatar

    3 days lol try 300 days

  23. Avatar

    Yea but when China does the lockdown it there’s no interviews with locals on their opinions from American media and it’s a human rights atrocity

  24. Avatar

    Shutting down the country over four cases … Overkill, anybody?

  25. Avatar

    You could have a parcel transmission. WHO would say "there is no evidence of parcel transmissions" but Chinese found SARS-CoV-2 infected chicken woings from Brazil. SARS survives in freezer up to 2 years, I think SARS-CoV-2 is no difference. You will need to control parcels.

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