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New Zealand 2020: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wins second term

Jacinda Ardern has won a second term in office as Prime Minister after her rival conceded in New Zealand’s general election.

The election was set for September but was needed to be re-arranged for the pandemic.

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  1. Avatar

    Vote for globalist, get globalism. If all the media institutions are pushing your elected government, time to prepare for some seriously bad times.

  2. Avatar

    Great job Jacinda. Wish we had her as PM of Australia.

  3. Avatar

    Great win for China.

  4. Avatar

    She seems a lovely lady and obviously the Kiwis back her, but I dunno, there is something a little too scripted, a little too melodramatic about this speech.

  5. Avatar

    Canda, Australia and now NZ all sold off to China. Enjoy lying in your bed.

  6. Avatar

    well done JA… well deserved

  7. Avatar

    Love from Bangladesh ❤She is one of the best Prime ministers of the Earth ❤

  8. Avatar

    Snowflake Prime Minister.

  9. Avatar

    She forgot to mention to thank the Chinese Communist Party for her re-election

  10. Avatar

    does labor actually build or do they just spend big and then get national to fix the economy? dunno

  11. Avatar

    What a globalist bit** she is. Unfortunately, the New Zealanders are also asleep just like most of the other Western nations are/were.

  12. Avatar

    Big Congratulations to Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party from us in Singapore! 👍

  13. Avatar

    A great leader

  14. Avatar

    Congratulations New Zealand

  15. Avatar

    I keep hearing build back better from politicians all over the world. Is this a global idea now? hmmm

  16. Avatar
    Force Takeaways To Use Healthier Deep Fry Oil

    The Jacindanator T-1000 a cybernetic organism living tissue over metal exoskeleton.

  17. Avatar

    Echos of Tony Blair

  18. Avatar
    bryn evans Sarah70

    Well happy for her I'm not no labour supporter I would of wanted her to win over the other one

  19. Avatar

    So happy for her well-deserved victory; long live and hail the Empress! 🥰

  20. Avatar

    Build back better is more common than covid 19

  21. Avatar

    Right wing populism had just been crushed in NZ, now let's see if it can happen around the world so we can return to proper social democracy 👊🏻

  22. Avatar

    Years of socialist bullshit ahead

  23. Avatar

    She will go down in history. She's the best labour PM since Tony Blair minus the Iraq war.
    Best Quote I've heard in a long time : 'we are living in an increasingly polarised world a place where more and more people have lost the ability to hear one another's point of view' definitely aimed at countries with right wing populists in charge 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Russia,China and North Korea

  24. Avatar

    Surreal watching the denailism by Sky News Australia on Ardern's win, people like competent leaders

  25. Avatar

    Canada need a Jacinda Ardern

  26. Avatar

    I wish all politicians are like her.

  27. Avatar

    its not working here either is it Sky ?……….is it ?

  28. Avatar

    Oh…………I don't care.

  29. Avatar

    New Zealand is 1s world

  30. Avatar

    Such an inspiration to so many worldwide

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar




  33. Avatar

    0:19 I stopped my work with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  34. Avatar

    I love that she visited one of the most humble people on earth and recorded a Twitch session with him!
    Can anyone fill me in on who that guy is?
    I'm no Twitch fan. I just enjoyed that clip and a few others that he showed me of this man who does woodworking and claims to not care if he gets Subs.
    The Twitch guy seems genuinely HUMAN and just the most humble and sweet.
    He kept getting Subs, in the one video that I saw, and he kept telling the fans to take the money back because he wants them to watch for free
    I hope the PM is as "for the people" as this man who she has associated herself with! Congratulations, lady PM and to NZ as well 😀

  35. Avatar

    Wot the Hell? did Paris Hilton go to New Zealand why is Jacinda Ardern losing weight?

  36. Avatar

    Best of luck for next 3 years jacinda.

  37. Avatar

    Let's remember that New Zealand is only now being covered or highly focused on after that horrific mass shooting. Just like the Media only covered or highly focused on South Korea due to the US-NK Nuclear Crisis, Hong Kong after their stunt, Singapore after Trump-Kim Meeting, Ukraine for Giuliani, and many more.

  38. Avatar

    Let's remember that day.

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