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New TV season tackles COVID-19 head-on

The new television season begins with COVID-19 plot lines on several shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, This Is Us, The Good Doctor and South Park. 

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  1. Avatar
    Владимир Киселёв

    Viruses, microbes and bаcteria live cоnstantly in the human body. Including Koch's bacilli, influenza, pneumococci, in general, almost the entire set that exists in nature. In small doses that enter us through the respiratory tract and mucous membranes. If humanity is not yet extinct, what does this mean, our immunity is successfully fighting and fighting them.

    If you cоnstantly wear a mediсal mаsk after оne and a half to two hours, the concentration of all microorganisms on its surface and a humid and warm environment is constantly increasing. Masks are an incubator for their reproduction, the cоncentration of microorganisms becomes so high that you have no chance of staying healthy, regardless of whether how strong your immunity is, it simply does not persist. You inhale the сoncentrate of viruses and bacteria thаt has accumulated and multiplied on your mask. With each exhale, there are more and more of them.

    Here is no second wave of соronavirus in Belarus. In Sweden there is no second wave of coronavirus.

    In countries where there was no quarantine, the epidemic is over.

    A patient runs in to the infectious disease specialist.

    – Doctor, save me, I have a coronavirus!

    – No, no, this is not for me, psychiatrists treat coronavirus.

    Free people do not wear muzzles!

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    Eye of the Storm

    Useless garbage…. as usual

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    Throw out your tell-lie-visions. It's all 💩.

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    Besides the show that is our Government?

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    Don't listen to these non-white Chinese bots. 💖❤️💝

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    More political garbage, this is why I don't watch TV anymore, it's just become ridiculous political crap!

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    The lengths you're going to to keep this lie alive is astounding!

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    Making up shite now to keep this narrative going. How pathetic..

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