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New three-tier system spells tougher coronavirus restrictions for England – BBC News

A new system of coronavirus restrictions for England is to be announced in Parliament — with infection rates soaring in many parts of the country.

It aims to end the patchwork of different rules by bringing in three levels of restrictions – depending on the danger posed by the virus in any particular area.

Parts of northern England, where cases of Covid-19 have been rising fastest, are expected to face tougher curbs which could include closing pubs, bars and restaurants.

Mishal Husain presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Dan Johnson in Liverpool, political correspondent Chris Mason and medical editor Fergus Walsh.

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    New world order Marxist socialisim,fake virus fake government get your masks of your faces you pathetic nappie faces,uk is making me sick

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    These people should be in prison there all corrupt ! Only people that should be locked up are this goverment and the bbc along with all there shirt lifters

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    COVID-20 in a few months time …

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    Covid is a hoax. Wake up

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    Elmer T Fuddrucker

    History has proven lockdowns do not work.

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    Compliance Makes You Free

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    🎶It's beginning to look a lot like lockdown every where you go🎶…… HAPPY HOLIDAYS MATES🎄

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    10K subs without a video !

    To the person who is reading this

    You're amazing, stay blessed, stay safe and have an amazing rest of your day/night ⭐

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    Its all bullshit. A surposed air born viris dose not stay in one àrea. ITs all about control. Open your eyes people and do reserch. A globlel reset.

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    The amount of replies to comments from newly created accounts only on this subject prove the 77th brigade is in full swing

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    Cant wait for next year !
    It will most proberbly ten times worse

    Cant wait

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    Ark royal rife moon base alpha

    The average age of death for victims of Covid is 83 years of age and why are all flu fatalities nowi being registered under Covid deaths? the reason is simple officailly flu kills between 14,000 and 64,000 people each year yet this year only 374 have succumbed to it put simply the government has been exposed trying to both increase the Covid tally and cover up the small number of flu deaths the whole thing stinks and i will never ever wear a mask while walking down the street never ever

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    Waaaa ya lying fooorrr

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    That's fantastic! Do what you're told robots!
    Don't even think about back chatting me when you conform anyway.

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    Ffs keep everything open, it's survival of the fittest time, had enough of this bullshit now

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    Uni and school ids are the ones spreading the virus, shouldn’t have allowed them back. In Newcastle about 1600 uni students tested positive but half that number are still going out to pubs/restaurants spreading the virus. Send them back home and shut the Uni’s. Oh sh*t it’s always about MONEY, they would rather risk us all catching COVID!

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    Does the government want a civil war??

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    cant believe there are people still calling for a total lockdown… idiots.
    infection rates should not mean a lockdown is needed. how long are people going to keep putting up with this shit?

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    The words government and good faith don't go together this entire fiasco is a scam there is no virus it's never been isolated look it up were all being deceived by the main stream media and the corrupt government

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    Enough of this bollocks. you cannot, I repeat CANNOT lockdown until the virus goes away. it is not going to go away. Lockdown is literally killing people while we pretend it is saving people.

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    To many robots without balls

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    I'm all for diversity but I do wish the BBC would provide subtitles

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    Oh it's liverpool, let's find the drunkest scousers to interview. Okay BBC.

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    Shut the country down, stop ALL travel in and out of the country. Do this for 6 weeks end of the problem. Government must pay and put safeguards in place while this happens. After 6 weeks ALL those coming into the country are TAKEN into quarantine for 3 weeks, old army bases can be used for this. This issue simple to solve, make it happen!

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    BBC need to stop giving legitimacy to this failure of a government. Where’s the real scrutiny?

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    So T.F. what !! A little common-sense and you're fine. Unless you're one of the many fuktards that have none, & have caused this, & so ruined it for the rest of us. And brought this about !!
    You know who you are.. the fuktards, the ignorant & uncaring.

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    "42,825 Deaths for any reason within 28 days of a positive test" Are we taken for a ride?

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    How lovely of the government to put dread into business owner's this evening

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    Do the right thing Bro

    I want the government to take away my freedoms in order to protect me as my own immune system can not cope with the flu. Follow the money to see the truth. Same group of people always benefiting from these events.

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    So where are the idiots who were saying "It's just a mask". Is it still just a mask?

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    Fk diversity and asylum this country is fked

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    The Virus .. rebranded pneumonia!

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    Who gives is fuck about virus people are dying of hunger there are no jobs how do we put food on the table ?? Locking country doesn’t help anyone it destroys economy and create problems

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    First msm was all about deaths, deaths, deaths. Now it's cases, cases, cases. You're going to get more cases because more ppl are being tested 🤦🏻‍♂️

    304 under the age of 60 have died since February who had no pre-existing condition. 304. Now we have PHE abandoning the weekly convid surveillance reporting and instead adding them to the seasonal flu numbers. If this isn't a fudging of the data to imply increasing convid cases I don't know what is. But as far as the beeb are concerned, carry on, lemmings will keep being indoctrinated by your hyped fearmongering.

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    Enjoy your forced vaccines

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    Fascism guys plain and simple

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    Pubs ( the rules don’t have any impact which was put in place. Closes 10pm. R:1person infects 3 people. Also it’s just a hour short. Pubs can be open 12 hours in 24 hours in any time period the landlord sets,before this virus), and restaurants should be closed for at least near to Christmas. Shops should permit only a few. Queuing. When lockdown was set before. Hard but you cannot have it both ways as lives are at risk and it will be constant and will never go away.

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    the dole, or universal credit is quite good……if you don't waste your money on booze and taxi-cabs !!! lol.

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    Your grandparents made huge sacrifices and endured all kinds of harsh restrictions for 5 years during WW2 for the sake of the nation. Now you repay them by putting their lives at risk again, while you whine about not being able to go down the pub, to the gym, and partying.

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    Wonder how many 77th are here today ?

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    The only way is today lock down lolz, not even David Nabarro agrees with that 😂😂😂

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