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New Poll Finds Gen Z Voters Feel Depressed, Disenfranchised | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Dasha Burns speaks to voters in Pennsylvania about the 2020 election as results from a NBC News/Quibi poll show young voters feel depressed and disenfranchised.
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New Poll Finds Gen Z Voters Feel Depressed, Disenfranchised | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    Lol tainted and bias msm lies💩

  2. Avatar

    It would help if Gen Z would cut down on the massive super spreader parties, wear a mask, and use the technology they have grown up with to make a better country than we left them.

  3. Avatar

    GenZ voters don't fret too much. I believe that after Joe the country with be ready for a Bernie Sanders type candidate, only because we need to be eased into a more progressive government. You are the future, it will be up to you to make your world what you want it to be. This is just the symbolic changing of the guard. I guess that I'm an optimist.

  4. Avatar
    Will we Ever change

    Sad these kids desreves better from all of us.

  5. Avatar
    Tiberius D’Legionnaire

    Every time the Republican losing the political argument, they demonize either politics, media, government in general. That is why many voters may not vote for Trump but also not voting for any politicians. Their objective is clear that they put political pressure on voters and enough for them to get to the point of frustration not to vote for either party. It’s another way of “psychological voters suppression”.Because the Republican created the narrative as all politicians are corrupt. Either the Republicans are good of telling lies or Democrats are so bad of telling the truth. The Republican Party is a useless political party. They embrace radical white nationalist and it all about for profits to keep them richer and their wealthy friends. Racism in the past are not afraid to make a racist comment. But racism today are too afraid of getting caught by camera. They make all kind of excuses that they are not being racist. In other word, many racist in America are too coward to admit of being racist.

  6. Avatar

    You are our future, get in the pit and fight for country. The republican party is busted beyond repair. If you an independent it a Dem. We have to take back our country from Trump and his HATRED.

  7. Avatar
    Aquarius Tranquility

    I have to say hearing all that typing in the background while the reporter is speaking is very distracting from the content why not use a pen and silently take notes?

  8. Avatar

    wait until they want revenge

  9. Avatar

    Everybody feels that way.

  10. Avatar

    Young man and young ladys go out and vote if you don't vote you will be making things worse for the country trump is a lieing puppet racist and a disgrace to the American people

  11. Avatar

    Gen Z are terrible. They are lazy and unappreciative, so even in the best of times they are the first to give up. Speaking from first hand observation of my own kids, my nieces/nephews, and siblings/in-laws of this age group. So while things are bad, even during good times, they are the first to gloom and doom. If they want change: 1.) vote bad leaders out of office 2.) be politically active 3.) stop spreading covid-19 4.) go to school and get a job 5.) pay taxes 6.) pay your own bills 7.) volunteer in your communities.

  12. Avatar

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  13. Avatar

    Dasha has the best masks on network news.

  14. Avatar

    More dem lies

  15. Avatar

    These baby’s are the future and I know they will make the changes that previous generations failed to get done. I believe these baby’s will positively change the world.

  16. Avatar

    Where are all of the leaders who are sitting back and acting like they don't see anything every one is turning a blind eye it's a durn shame this is not a joke wake up every one before it is too late please

  17. Avatar

    Here's an idea for you. Find a demographic that is not depressed right now.

  18. Avatar

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  19. Avatar

    Most millennials under 30 have already lived through 9/11, two recessions, a pandemic, and mountains of debt. Everyone blames them for all of societies' problems but on the other hand, their generation is the most unfortunate and unlucky generation of us all.

  20. Avatar

    How could anybody vote for Biden and Harris? They both come off as bad
    people and their policies will ruin our counrty for us and our children….

  21. Avatar

    .Trump politically cannot deny and denounce the falsehood of the "pandemic", but he is giving it an intelligent treatment … whoever has understanding that understands … that is what an honest president does who has not sold himself to the CO-V-I-D-19 cartel … r-evolucion-revelacion.es/vacunas-y-diplomacia-politica/

  22. Avatar

    Choice is simple. If you want disease, hate, racism, and division….vote for Trump.

  23. Avatar

    most of them didn't seem so depressed during spring break tho…😎🧐🤷🏽‍♂️

  24. Avatar

    Times have changed. When I was young, I went to the Dr about depression. He told me I needed to get laid. True story.

  25. Avatar

    That reporter don't care. Waste of time.

  26. Avatar

    I hope these Gen Z College students have been paying attention to Joe Bidens promise to help pay off their tuition during amidst this Pandemic and then make college tuition free to families of students making less then $125,000 a year. Trump will NEVER help college students, in fact he prefers to rip them off! GEN Z College Students #VoteBlue VOTE #BidenHarris2020

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