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New Pictures: Buildings collapse as massive earthquake hits Greece and Turkey

Four people have been killed and 120 injured, it has been reported, after a major earthquake hit Turkey and Greece, destroying buildings and sparking a tsunami warning.

The epicentre of the tremor of magnitude 7 was in the Aegean Sea some 11 miles (17 km) off the coast of Turkey’s Izmir province, at a depth of 10 miles (16km).

The earthquake was felt across the region, including in Istanbul, the Greek islands and as far as the capital Athens.

A tsunami warning was issued, with residents in the region told to stay away from the coastline.

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    Love and support from India

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    Uncharted territories during uncertain times…

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    Good news for all of us. Turkey feel the same.😁😁😁😁😁
    aage aage dekhiye hota he kaya.

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    This is terrible ,hope not many fatalities . The devastation

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    Must be allah. Who else could be behind this?

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    Well Turkey your Allah is great after all🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    May GOD Mercy on all turk bros and sisters

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    Gaurav Singh Samrat

    Good news of 2020 😍😍😍😍

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    My prayers to all the people in Turkey that are affected by this earthquake 🙏🙏

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    It's very bad news may almighty Allah help them,,,😥😥😥😥

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    Stay healthy and safe Turkey…
    Love from Germany 🇩🇪

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    God's anger shall be upon those who don't want peace. Remember thy creator not millitary

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    Give people a break, stop the covid nonsense talk.

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    To all people in Izmir, be strong. We ve been through this before. Turkey ang Greece have some of the best rescue teams in the world. All the best to both of us. Akis Greece.

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    Oh deary me poor turkey then again dosent god work quickly these days

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    Which part of country or continents that save to live in without earth quake ??

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    Europe Open Border for Refugees

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