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New meats to save your diet and possibly the planet

Even vegetarians can rejoice over these new types of meat hitting the market. Here’s why.

Vegan cookies, vegan burgers, vegan water – if it seems like you’re seeing vegan everywhere you go, that’s because you probably are.

Even though only 3 percent of Americans identified as vegan in a recent Gallup poll, almost 20 percent of food sales came from plant-based products and the category is surpassing overall food sales.


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    We sell the impossible burger at my work. I was very skeptical until I tried it. It's amazing. It tastes like real beef!

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    But the grain based diets kill far more animals. Not understanding how your food is produced leads to claims like "My plant based diet is animal impact free" which is 100 percent false the impossible burger kills way more animals than the standard meat based burger.

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