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New details emerge about plot to kidnap Michigan governor

New details emerge about the men accused in in an alleged domestic terrorism plot to kidnap Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, including a history of anti-government views and calls for violence and bloodshed. CNN’s Sara Sidner has the details.

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    Trump does tell them to be violent. Here are some Quotes from a letter he recently sent to all his gun toting kkk, violent leaning pos voters. It was sent the end of September.
    Republican Presidential Task Force
    (Title of letter)

    ( Startes off full of misinformation, lies, etcetera then the next are excerpts with full-on quotes, including bold and caps where it was in the letter.)

      "With your help today, we will create an ARMY of dedicated Americans who will BATTLE back against those who are working to defeat me and take our nation down a disastrous path to Big Government Socialism."

         "If they succeed, these changes will permanently alter our nation – the nation that generations of Americans fought for and died for – and put the Big Government Socialist Democrats in charge of our great country – FOREVER . "

    "We CAN'T let our nation go down that WEEK and DESOLATE path."


    " It is the role of the Presidential Task Force to MAKE CERTAIN they do not succeed and why it is CRITICAL that you return your completed Task Force Strategy Survey immediately."

    (Then there was included a Republican Presidential Task Force Strategy Survey.  There was a bunch of questions about National Issues, Political Profile, International Issues, just things like that and then a Membership Acceptance Form. In order to have your opinions be counted and processed you had to donate at least $25. If you didn't it, it didn't get processed.  The exact quote was, )

    "I cannot become a task force member at the level above right, ( $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, Other $______) now but I'm enclosing $25 to help pay for the cost of processing my Task Force Strategy Survey and to help ensure Republican victories."

    To sum up: It is a LOUD dog Whistle to his already violent gun toting, murderous thugs to organize an ARMY.

    Which is already happening. Michigan governor attempted kidnapping, I'm betting not the only incident.
    Sorry about not having underling & bold. Can't figure out how to do it on YouTube

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    These are Trump's fine people
    Its beyond sickening

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    Why you shake your head so much

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    What a fishy beat up…Is James Comey still at work??

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    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    There is only ONE tyrant and he enjoys The WH and say's his own supporters are "dirty people" and thank's the corona so he don't have to shake their hands. Yet here they are, protecting their GoldShowerHead in command…well aint that sweet

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    Stop calling them damn Militia… They are TERRORIST and should be treated as so… Treasonous against their own country… Where is the death penalty?!? THIS IS ALL TRUMPS FAULT!!

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    DECEMBER 3RD 2019






    and at
    and HALF OF THEM

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    Sure GOP won't declare this kind of people a Terrorist.

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    Are they all Boogaloo Boys?
    I can't get over to the lack of response to a bunch of armed men going into the state capital and demanding the governor kowtow to them.
    If it was black guys, there'd be a bullet storm.

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    Why would you evict someone for buying food and AR-15 accessories?

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    Walk, run, ride, glide, slide, dash, dart, hitchhike, horseback…However you do it, just do it. Get out and VOTE BLUE!

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    New Evidence : show Adam Schiff and Pelosi were behind the whole kidnapping plot. Schumer was mad he wasn’t included. IF Trump kidnapped her, he’d give her back immediately. She’s a nasty skank.

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    Dementia Joe and Kumalot Harris

    It's unfortunate they were caught 😕

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    Let me think. What is different about this centrist politician that would make Trump and Trump supporters mad…. oh right, she's a woman in a leadership position.

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    The virus are the liberals, they are called The Main Street Media!!

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    Good ol' FBI..They're relentless…as soon as he loses his seat they're coming for him. They don't forget..FBI, the real protector of America👍👍👍👍👍

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    Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is incompetent. This history may save her.

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    Trump has no worth, he greenlights and speaks in code to racists and white supremacists groups

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    Yep, the Troy Horse has built there long ago, nobody out there to blame, terrorists of the East do not need to threaten USA anymore….

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    Who didn’t see this coming? Antifa running around like a mob… of course right wing counter mobs are gonna start to appear. This should have been stopped a long time ago under Obama. The country hasn’t been the same since the Ferguson riots.

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    Is she a white claw cougar stalking young bucks online

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    Lmao clinton emails are out look them up there is a some real news you wont find on cnn

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    such a shame they failed – dictators might think twice before they steal your liberty and destroy your lives needlessly

  27. Avatar

    Trump still didn't Condemn this
    Planned Attack……😏

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    Had this kidnapping been a success, WITF would have paid any $ to get this witch back???? That's right- NOBODY !!!!

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    lol…"I'm not stupid, I was a Marine"…lol…Huh?

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    GolferInChief Dump

    A Right wing TERRORIST HATE group attempted to kidnap and possibly
    murder American mother/ Michigan Governor Whitmer and start a civil war
    after Trump recently called for the "liberation" of the state of
    Michigan. Right wing American terrorists and hate groups are believed by
    so many to have been called into action by President Dump. Watch out for
    these groups to infect your neighborhoods. And they now know that they
    can become even more of a US violent threat and there will be very
    little to NO consequences as long as Dump is president. Trump is not
    using a dog whistle on these US terrorists and hate groups but rather a
    megaphone. This is so obvious for the world to see!!! Sooo to ALL my
    Republicans, kidnapping, murder, and civil war is Dumps "law and order"
    which you will not dare to take a stand against? Republican COWARDS!!
    Well he did clearly say "he could shoot someone in the middle of the
    street". "Law and order", Dump's a ORANGE MORON!!

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    No wonder why they always effing mad, look at how tht swine lived. Instead of doing something worthwhile with his life this is what he chose, bum.com

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    Adam Fox, INCEL, living large in the basement.

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    As Trump said ‘I love the uneducated’ that’s his base, ignorant and stupid.

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    militia groups, white nationalist, republicans, white Supremacist, nazi and kkk ect…. Are all sympathizers and descendents of those Confederates that lost the civil war.. That's why they don't want/like the Federal Government and the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE.. trumps dog whistle to these groups is a treasonous move of a traitor, dick-tator to over throw The American Union Goverment of "WE THE PEOPLE" Notice trumps "praise" for The Police and Federal agencies military and the militia groups, his plan for unrest and chaos has only just begun..!! for those Fake Patriots that wave OUR American Flag and use Americans for there Hate and Racist Agenda.! M.A.G.A = Make Americans Gullible Again 🇺🇸.

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    What utter bull. Don't paint every white man with the sins of these freaks and that's exactly what they are.

  37. Avatar

    Welcome to America, nothing united about it

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    They need to make an example of terrorists like this. Execution would be a nice little deterrent.

  39. Avatar

    And don't they look just like you'd expect them to look like?

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    Ooooh, very good report CNN. Thank you Ms. Sidner. I'm a former news man hoping for a better future for the impoverished parents and children. I beleive strongly that plots against any office-holder are wildly nutty, and don't/won't do anything to help democracy's cause, nor ANY "cause". Extremists going and staying in low-population areas to wait out until a "Big Event" that will never happen, or won't hold up for longer than a few days, are fly-by-night fantasies that are worthless. Good work Ms. Sidner. Viewers and readers: Please tell your facebook friends and cell phone contacts about the good programs on Youtube. Also, these news people who go to talk to people WORK HARD for OUR BENEFIT and don't do this for it's modest pay. Nobody pays them to take a biased point of view. No body offered, nor paid me any $ for my voluntary commentaries. I do what I do, and write what I write because I like this role. Go,CNN ! Go git 'em !

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    Don't these white boys have anything better to do?

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    If Trump would have manned up and told the truth about this Virus in Feb and been honest for once in his life we would be on the other side of this Virus enjoying Fall Football and a normal Holiday Season coming up he is to blame for everything our Nation is going through. He should have leveled with us and said this Virus is deadly but together we can beat it. We will just have to close everything down for six weeks hunkering down at home and wearing a mask and once it runs it’s course start opening up and getting back to normal. The reason he did not do this is his selfishness and his Re-Election everything is about Trump. He has thousands of deaths on his watch that could have been avoided and once out of the WH and no longer protected by the position of President a serious reckoning is coming for him.

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    This governor can blame whoever she wants but she’s been so hard on the people of her state.

  44. Avatar

    "Now everybody knows what Stand Down-Stand By means"

  45. Avatar

    Is that a coincidence , people who think alike…….Mr Fox and Fox News 🙄

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    Whitmer doesnt deserve death threats and violence BUT she is totally unhinged and crazed in her actions and speech so far. She is a disgrace as Governor and Michigan needs better leadership than some soccer mom channeling Nancy Pelosi !

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    This is Domestic terrorizism fueled by the Rhetoric of the president,we need to call Right. Right and wrong wrong.we don’t need to be on the wrong side of History. Trump sent a message to his patroit in Michigan,and to liberate Michigan.To cause harm to the governor who was trying to keep people safe from the virus, little did these patriots knew that the FBI)was watching their Every move Thank God for the FBI) What kind of president that sends messages to domestic terroize groups in state that would put governor life in danger,what kind of president who saids nothing when bounty’s put on our. U S Men and women troops by Vladimir Putin and nothing is said or done about it .I could never vote for this kind of person:why did Over 200,000 citizens died from this pandemic,because our leader procrastinated in saying it was a Hoex

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    Today's attempted kidnapping is brought to you by the letters B, L, & M.

  50. Avatar

    Why were the lefties trying to kidnap their own Fuhrer?

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