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New coronavirus hotspots as infections, hospitalizations rise l GMA

Global cases have topped 36 million and 35 states in the U.S. have reported a rise in hospitalizations, including Wisconsin, where hospitalizations doubled in one month.

Wisconsin’s COVID-19 outbreak continues to grow:
NY doctors were at the center of COVID battle.
Here’s what they say about the fall:

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    ABC is fake news.

    Cases is not death or sickness.

    More testing means more cases.

    You have a 99.997% chance of survival if you are between 0-19.

    POTUS is in the highest risk bracket of 95% survival rate, he came out healthy after 3 days.

    CDC states only 6% died from covid. The 94% is a maybe.

    Let's see if they remove this comment. I have screenshotted already

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    Meanwhile, during last nights debate, Pence reiterated that Trump is doing his utmost to take care of Americans citizens well-being.. LMAO

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    ምድረ ባሕሪ ኣጋኣዚ

    Liberal propaganda media deception is dangerous than covid19

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    Where's the President's help with supplying his front-line workers, who pay taxes, with life-saving PPE!?! US medical workers are dying from lack of proper PPE all over the country.

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    The nurses I know have to use the same mask all day!!

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    And tRUMP still down playing this VIRUS. When is America going to learn that tRUMP doesn't give a 💩

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    I walk around without a mask all day long laughing at the idiots in masks. They are all lowering their immune system and next time a virus comes around they will get wiped out while my superior immune system prevail.

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    Michael Patterson

    We’re going to easily have 400,000 then 800,000 then 2 million

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    Even last night vp pence been bragging about how they are handling the virus and replenishing all the necessary needs
    Then he talked about 2008 how Obama administration handled the virus and pointed out there were very shortage on masks at that time
    See what happened to this 28 year old woman's life😔
    Politicians are always oblivious as typical but it's us the people who are really in trouble

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    Jesus and The Devil

    #RNBRAPDIVA 🌺💕👌⚠️💋⚠️⚠️🌺🤘

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    Second wave coming 😷😷😷😷

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    The most unqualified misleading uninformable vile inept excuse for a president and administration in history.
    Abominabe administration and staff.
    Proverbs 6:12-19 A worthless person, a wicked man, Is one who …
    Proverbs 6:12 Commentaries: A worthless person, a wicked man, Is …

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    Do not fear Covid-19, if anything goes wrong just jump in your helicopter and travel to the best medical centers with top notch doctors. Also don't be afraid to jump out of a plane without a parachute, do not fear gravity.

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    Deathless Outlaw

    Covid is a lie. There is no virus.

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    Masks DON'T work. It doesn't KILL the virus so stop making masks s big deal about it. Gotta kill the virus not contain it! We're sick of wearing masks! 😡

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    VoteBiden VoteBiden

    New coronavirus hotspots:


    pence the newly infected gave the fly his only black friend covid45

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    AndroidNoChoice SuckATyrrant


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    IMO, if Biden isn't elected and can't take over the COVID-19 response, things will get worse and this crisis will go on a LOT longer under Trump. His stance keeps on flip-flopping and that confuses a lot of people. PLEASE WEAR A DAMNED MASK!

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    You dont need army to overthrow US government now. The entire Executive branch is now compromised. But the government has been on autopilot since January 21 2017 and nobody notices this 🤣 #YouJustCantMakeThisShitUp

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    Crimes against humanity

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    According to both Donald Trump and Mike Pence they have this under control. I don’t know what you’re responsible people believe this. But it is far from under control. The scientist have been clear about this that it is going to get bad as the temperature drops. This administration’s neglect on the truth has really let America do some dark places.

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    Torvil Åsulv Støle

    Fake news! Fake news! Trump 2020, in jail!

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    Trump is making America Red with his negligence. We can make it Blue with our vote.

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    Political stunt by Trump to boost his image, never got COVID. 74 years old, obese and eats burgers everyday and he is out of the hospital in 3 days!? Pushing Regeneron which will cost $100k for us regular folks!? Cmon people, don’t take that bull of crap. Vote in person because our country and lives are at stake. God knows the senate is in dire straits with your pre existing condition insurance out the window!

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    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    If you are reading this is your lucky day:welcomed to subscribe to my channel👈

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    interesting I know many many people this entire time that never wore a face mask and worked in an enclosed environment near many many different people None of them have gotten covid???????????????????? So where is the science and who is playing who?
    President Trump immediately wanted travel to and from especially China STOPPED Mr. Biden and friends called him a racist for that. Enough said. But I can go on. Another Democrat wants to take flights and have her hair done so she wants the things she likes to do funded, But not American people who with covid relief could spend at these business' as well, thus helping those companies and business' . Ask your self why America was great in the 1950s. No trickle down. No appeasing other countries TOOK CARE OF AMERICANS. NO NAFTA (NO TRADE AGREEMENTS) AMERICAN HAS ALL THE NATURAL RESOURCES ANYONE COULD ASK FOR – CLOSE THE BORDERS .

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    I thought re-using masks was sad to hear, but sharing mask is just horrifying. I never thought it could get any worse.

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    We have a failed president Covid was mismanaged from the start. All of this could have been avoided.

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    God please open a door to repentance to help the unsaved souls on this earth. Believe and receive the the strength of Jesus ‘# love!

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    76 million recovered from it.

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    The federal government cannot commandeer the machinery of the state governments (or, by extension, of local governments). That is, the federal government cannot coerce the states into taking actions to suit federal policy preference.

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    Common sense clearly indicates that with well over 212,000 Americans DEAD and 7.58 MILLION infected in the US, and 34 within Trump's OWN WHITE HOUSE, because of Trump's careless indifference and downright LYING concerning the COVID 19 pandemic crisis in our nation, FOR HIS OWN POLITICAL GAIN, Trump HAS PROVEN that he OBVIOUSLY CANNOT BE TRUSTED to honestly and effectively lead our nation through this tragic and deadly pandemic. DUH! Voting for Trump is LITERALLY THE EQUIVALENT of POTENTIALLY VOTING FOR YOUR OWN DEATH, THE DEATH OF YOUR LOVED ONES, YOUR NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS, AND THE DEATHS OF MANY, MANY MORE OUR FELLOW AMERICAN CITIZENS!

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    Centre County Pennsylvania numbers began to significantly rise shortly after 45’s team arrived to ‘discuss’ BigTen. Fact check it

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    This is so bad… Trump needs to go ASAP!

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    The Orange Death.

  39. Avatar

    Why do they keep reporting all these lies. Nobody believes anyone died exclusively from just covid.

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    Daniel Rodriguez

    Maga don't like wearing the mask 🤧🤮

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    The Mark of the Beast, aka the number "666" end times bible prophecy appears to be emerging on the world scene just as foretold. How the vaccines appear to be involved with it. The Bible strongly warns to avoid it at "all costs".  https://www.quora.com/Is-the-mark-of-the-beast-a-hoax/answer/Steve-Wolff-3
    Prophecy is about 1/4 of the Bible letting us know what will happen in the future. Jesus stated in John 14:29 “And now I have told you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe.” I have created two spaces to share about the many other end times bible prophecies coming pass signaling the end of the age and Jesus' promised second coming with other resources that are also trying to bring awareness, preparedness, and hope for what is very soon ahead. God bless.

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    32864 Deaths from COVID in New York Alone.
    There are 328 million Americans, less than 1% of those have caught COVID (3.3 MILLION), of those infected less than 1% have died from COVID (210,000)

    Those are some amazing low numbers!!!

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    Katalina Hunter Delaney Ponce

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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