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Need for Speed™ Heat Official Launch Trailer

WARNING: Includes flashing images

Join the wave of over 100,000 players who have already received a unique and personalized NFS Heat Launch Trailer. Get yours by visiting before November 8th and watch your customized ride burn up the streets of Palm City.

In NFS Heat earn bank by day to create your perfect ride through sanctioned Speedhunters Showdown events. By night, enter illicit street races alongside your crew, earning rep and building heat. But stay ready – cops are waiting and not all of them play fair. The roads and the rides are endless in this twenty-four-hour street racer where only the fast are free to chase the line, risk everything and burn all limits.

This trailer was created using the innovative Need for Speed™ Heat Studio App – download now, collect all the available models, create your perfect ride and connect it to Need for Speed™ Heat.

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Performed by Jaden

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  1. Avatar

    NFS Heat release the Official Launch Trailer

    Me: still playing NFS Most Wanted 2005 and NFS Carbon.

  2. Avatar

    I have this game and it is amazing and the cars are fast they should of added the lambomaghini chantinaria

  3. Avatar
    Sami Martikainen

    Test car https://youtu.be/aK7jvgMRYPI

  4. Avatar

    Try Running From The Cops In A 2018 Ferrari FXX-K Evo!

  5. Avatar

    can you update ur game? i lost 500k because i went online and got a error

  6. Avatar
    JTF-MI11 Seniunas

    car handling and physics in your game totally sucks …… hate all nfs after 2008

  7. Avatar

    Everybody gangster until cop show up

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar
    Young virginn & Lil böög

    We need the supra We need the supra We need the supra We need the supra We need the supra We need the supra We need the supra

  10. Avatar

    can you add nfs to android plz

  11. Avatar

    It was the best nfs series I have ever seen.

    The story of the game should include plenty of action and the capacity of vehicle modifications should be improved.

  12. Avatar

    The music goes well with the game

  13. Avatar

    0:13 does anyone hear a faint scream

  14. Avatar

    Youtube in October: nah we wont reccomend this even though you like nfs
    YouTube in november: not yet…
    YouTube in december: no too early right now
    YouTube in January: no not now
    YouTube in February: no
    YouTube in March: still not now
    YouTube in april: still too early
    YouTube in may: nah not now
    Youtube in June and July: RECCOMEND

  15. Avatar
    Marcos Vinícius

    what soung?

  16. Avatar
    Вячеслав Коржов

    What's the music in the background?

  17. Avatar
    Helemmelek and Zahay

    When you don't know how to react to a comment on Youtube you just jump in your car and drive

    Who else does that ?

    A couple arguing over their existence

  18. Avatar

    After many years real street racing

  19. Avatar

    Asphalt. This isn't even remotely need for speed. Fun anyway

  20. Avatar

    This can play on phone?

  21. Avatar

    Maybe Most Wanted 2005 Sequal ?
    Rockport city ?
    Razor and blacklist story?

  22. Avatar

    i can't find NFS for my 64 bit windows 10

    Can someone help.me for download 😣

  23. Avatar
    Sajith Jeewantha

    https://youtu.be/b5YkFS76omE Go to this link and watch. Please subscribe

  24. Avatar

    Is the Logitech g29 fully functional for this game on PS4?

  25. Avatar

    Cops in heat: Street racing has no place in public roads
    Payback players: What’s the point in the outlaws rush??

  26. Avatar

    I am buying this

  27. Avatar

    Now the game is more dead than the servers of a PS2 game

  28. Avatar
    neon toxic the fox

    Add a creepy / chaos /extreme like one of y'all rivals I think motorcross apocalypse it would be fun

  29. Avatar

    Which car??

  30. Avatar

    Deberías Aser una actualización con coches como el honda Civic de el 99 un Dodge neón de los 90
    Volkswagen Jetta A3 y que haya lugares donde la policía no te puedo encontrar cuando te está persiguiendo como en el need for speed most wanted

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