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Nearly two dozen dead in Guinea post-election violence: State TV

Protests are expected to continue in Guinea as opposition express their anger at last week’s disputed election.
There have been days of violent demonstrations after President Alpha Conde won a third term.
Now regional mediators from the United Nations, African Union and the West African bloc, ECOWAS, are in the country to try and find a solution.

Al Jazeera’s Barbara Angopa reports.

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  1. Avatar
    Free Biafra from islamic Caliphate of 9ria

    African security agencies was Designed to represent the interest of their colonial Masters instead of it's pple terrible, Gunina Bisseau the most corrupt and Authoritarianism in the world have became a Farm basket due to poor Leadership unbelievable

  2. Avatar

    Please let’s unit Africa over ideologies not ethnic group
    Let find union over convergence points and improve the divergence
    Let’s African solve our own issues to have a better voice internationally

  3. Avatar

    France their master decides who will be their president.
    So they can loot it's resources.
    These people are still colonized.

  4. Avatar

    All my dear brother and sister please boycott product of France this terrorist attack responsible France

  5. Avatar
    dumisani nhliziyo

    The greatest problem we have in Africa right now are old man who don't want to relinquish power to the younger generation. Look everywhere you see old man who habe been in power since the 70's and they still want to rule till they die

  6. Avatar
    la mulata linda Martinez

    Disgraceful, playing the game just predictably to your former COLONIZER'S benefit. Stop disgracing yourselves and your ANCESTORS. You're being a cliche

  7. Avatar

    Just another election day in Africa.
    Dictators don't want to leave.
    They don't want to leave bcuz they are paid agents of the west and if they leave, they face action, unless a deal is reached before hand

  8. Avatar

    but why does Indonesia keep interfering with these guineans > let's papua new guinea be free!

  9. Avatar

    CEDEAO/UA/UN – Guineans blood are in your hands since you can’t speak the truths about the illegitimate third term and the hold-up of the constitutional right of the new president of Guinea Cellou Dalein Diallo.

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