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NDP to win majority in B.C. provincial election, CBC projects

Premier John Horgan and the B.C. NDP are poised to win 55 seats in the provincial election, giving them a decisive majority in the legislature.

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  1. Avatar

    Why. Why not in Ontario 🤦‍♀️

  2. Avatar

    He partnered with the Greens to steal the election, this time he pulls this crap in the middle of a pandemic!

  3. Avatar

    John Horgan is a Socialist dictator! Voter fraud is possible with mail in votes!

  4. Avatar

    NDP is a liberal vote

  5. Avatar

    For the next 4 years? So you're telling me he won't call another election when his polls show he's doing even better?

  6. Avatar

    NDP Liberal Lite.

  7. Avatar

    Yay! They do not have to work with the other parties now 🙂 and get to ignore the 15% of the province the voted green again! While arguing that all their faults are the liberal's.

  8. Avatar

    Yup, BC voters are that dumb.

  9. Avatar

    CBC also predicted a Hillary win .. so, pinch of salt.

  10. Avatar

    Ndp communists are the worst

  11. Avatar

    They're free to dig their own grave.

  12. Avatar

    The most matter to us is telling the truth behind cover-19 to people and tell us the United Nation 2021-2030.
    Tell BC people that Vaccination that is been pushed to people will not be mandatory. Talk to people about the detention quarantine/broader spectrum that is building what's the purpose of it?? Open business.
    therapeutic medicine must be free for dealing with covid 19. BC is home to middle class. keep that in mind.

  13. Avatar
    Lincoln MacEachern

    Has anyone heard of a Saturday election in Canada before? I haven't.

  14. Avatar
    Buddy Whatshisname

    Congratulations John!

  15. Avatar

    Why NDP!? They support libreals omg, they seems still not learn lesson. Why they still supporting libreal and ndp to ruin whole canada? I dont get it.

  16. Avatar

    socialism will destroy this country.

  17. Avatar

    There is a lot of salt from non-voters down here…

  18. Avatar

    Much smarter people than Alberta! How are Albertans so gullible as to have believed Kenney’s b.s.?? We are headed for the garbage chute!!

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