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NDP promise to ‘invest in people,’ as Sask., election campaign kicks off

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili promises to focus on “investing in people” if his party wins the upcoming provincial election.
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  1. Avatar

    How about you lower taxes and let the people invest in people!

  2. Avatar

    How about letting people manage their own money, instead of you stealing it, and managing it yourself by filling up your own pockets.

    Worry about your own budget before you worry about Canada's budget, you guys are broke!

  3. Avatar

    canada is doomed.

  4. Avatar

    “Ndp promise to invest in people “ it’s not their damn job to invest in people, God has given us this green earth to make something out of ourselves, we don’t worship government we worship God.

  5. Avatar

    4 more years ok SKP.

  6. Avatar
    StacheLissa Flint

    NDP has no clue how to invest, look at their national party, look at what Notley did in Alberta. Useless virtue signalling frauds should not hold power

  7. Avatar

    Ndp = more debt and more taxes

  8. Avatar

    The NDP leader's statement that for every dollar spent on child care in the province there is a six dollar addition to GDP is highly improbable. A 2012 study on "The Economic Value of Child Care" concluded: "For every public dollar that is spent on child care in Ontario, the multiplier is 2.27", which is pretty decent but a multiplier of 2.27 is far short of a multiplier of 6.

  9. Avatar

    Lies, and broken promises. Never ever vote.👍

  10. Avatar

    Is Al Blakeney running again

  11. Avatar

    TaX aNd SpEnD iS bAd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …oh… wait… that’s literally what governments are supposed to do on our behalf…

  12. Avatar

    Why not just open investment to build 200 MW wind farms in outside every city and in every region in Saskatchewan? 200 MW of new wind is $350 million.

  13. Avatar

    NDP’s invest in people = pay people for not going to work

  14. Avatar

    I just witnessed this channel blaming some random racism that happened in Toronto on TRUMP. And guess what "the camera wasn't on but the gentleman references trump and racism" LIES LIES LIES. When did you become CNN?????

  15. Avatar

    NDP are horrible ask Bob Raye

  16. Avatar

    "hOw yOu GoNnA pAy fOr iT"? Jesus Christ, does nobody in Canada know a damn thing about MMT? Canadians need to read some of Economist Stephanie Kelton's work.

  17. Avatar

    Tax is the last thing that we need right now.. We need solutions how to get rid of the pandemic and recover the economy. WTF are these leaders seating around for?

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