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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 2nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump flown to Walter Reed Medical center after Covid-19 diagnosis, contact tracing underway at the White House, and how former presidents have dealt with health challenges.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
00:19 Trump Flown To Walter Reed Hospital With COVID-19
05:41 Trump Recieves Experimental COVID Antibody Treatment
06:32 Frantic Race To Contact Trace After Trump Tests Positive
09:44 Worst Health Crisis For A President In Decades
11:54 Biden Campaigns After Testing Negative For Coronavirus
15:13 Could Trump’s Hospitalization Trigger 25h Amendment?
17:26 Trump’s Diagnosis Shines New Spotlight On COVID Spread

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – October 2nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    Shocking? What's so shocking. It was just a matter of time. Not sure how he contacted it? Please!!!!

  2. Avatar

    Thank God Barron is negative , he’s a child .

  3. Avatar

    This is a great thing to happen. Maybe now Trump will actually take Covid-19 seriously.

  4. Avatar
    Kurland Grenadier-45

    Now his Cult who shop at Wal-Mart with their assault rifles are going to have follow the rules. They don,t like it! Tough Cookies!

  5. Avatar

    Wake up ppl! COVID is strategically planed to make America left namely communism!

  6. Avatar
    Larry From Wisconsin

    Eisenhower spent weeks in an Army hospital in Denver and refused to transfer power to VP Nixon.

  7. Avatar

    All of the comments about how happy all of y'all are is just more proof of y'all being ghouls and vampires.

  8. Avatar

    That's called #KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE HE DOESN"T CARE FOR #AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's him #PLAY #IT #DOWN with himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #IT #IS #WHAT #IT #IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Avatar

    God Bless you and your family. Love all💝💖💞

  10. Avatar

    Trump in hiding amid the shambles of an embarrassing debate..his true character was on display for the entire world to see..and his international enemies..China, Japan, Russia all are laughing at Trump the buffoon…the bully, self serving narcissist, the racist, who spent the entire debate arguing and name calling and offered no plans on bring the country out of recession, solving the pandemic, solving unemployment woes, he offered nothing but bullying tactics, protecting the WS and insighting violence, Do not believe he has CoVid lies

  11. Avatar

    Reinforce fear tactics bc people r getting tired of lies n not wearing their muzzles… media going crazy, new drama OMG, President has the flu! Bet they don’t shove sticks up their nostrils, they get a pinpricks instead!

  12. Avatar

    I'll say a prayer for him but I still don't like him. His moronic attitude has bitten him in the butt. Please don't treat this stuff lightly.

  13. Avatar

    Why are people shocked….he doesn't wear masks…his rallies does not encourage wearing masks and they are packed together like sardines in a can…So I dont understand why people would be shocked if it is true…

  14. Avatar

    Law enforcement👮 and military🇺🇸 may have got him sick they like to huge 😲

  15. Avatar

    Maybe pence could debate creepy joe after camel toe harris.

  16. Avatar

    Risk factors old and fat isn't that 98% of the Republican Party? COVID do your thing

  17. Avatar
    Italivi Reboreda

    I like how now everyone is Trump’s team is now wearing masks 🙄

  18. Avatar

    Thank you Lester for your sincere comments at the end of your broadcast. Yes. A wake up call for common sense to prevail. From Canada, Thank you Lester for being you.

  19. Avatar

    Donald J Trump covid-19 super spreader

  20. Avatar
    Shannon Paine Frattura

    Impending manslaughter cases.ugly,ugly prediction,truth is often ugly.how dare this group of uncaring people kick off the domino effect that is going to devastate the loved ones left behind by those victims .God help these people.the rest of America and the whole side world.It is hard not to feel cranky as we witness such horrific events,never equal to any horrors in history but try…Be kind ,care about others and stand fall so you can carry someone weaker.than you.The world is on her knees ,,,let's get together and lift her up by encouraging love not hate,light not dark and good not evil.with God,a help ,when the dust settles ,the survivors can really build a kind new world.anyone still standing in that future will be survivors indeed.

  21. Avatar

    Beautiful closing remarks.

  22. Avatar

    During the Halle's report on the president's positive Covid-19 test result, the squirrel scurrying about the lawn made my day! Why? With the US and the world upended, it's nice to see some normalcy.

  23. Avatar
    Patricia Vasquez

    Seeing those trains. Amen Chicago Illinois!

  24. Avatar
    Patricia Vasquez

    It does boil up and harden over the clarity in Vice Presidential administrating… Biden Pence and …we will hold our breath… Harris.

  25. Avatar
    Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    Please join my group "iOS 14 – Problems and Solutions group"


  26. Avatar

    i only like presidents who don't contract corona

  27. Avatar

    He's now one on one with God. Can't NO ONE help him. God WILL deliver.

  28. Avatar
    Patricia Vasquez

    Mrs. Bush and I are reading Lynn's book on Madison!

  29. Avatar

    Ruse played by trump in order to get ppl to vote for him outta pity

  30. Avatar
    michael grabianowski

    Just when i thought Karma was taking a break, she came back to exact revenge. on those who doubted her existence.

  31. Avatar
    Abu Ali Official

    Lester Holt KING 🤴🙌🙌

  32. Avatar

    I recommend a 250ml dose of dioxychloroquin, daily.

  33. Avatar

    hat they're wearing mask now, figure

  34. Avatar


  35. Avatar

    It's another trick… ..Halloween=devil's day

  36. Avatar
    Christopher Williams

    I bet he got convalescent blood transfusion at Walter Reed.. That's why he went so fast..

  37. Avatar
    Souradeep Chakraborty

    Hahahahaha hahahaha………who else knew this would happen.

  38. Avatar

    The very thing Trump denied, played down, mocked and ridiculed has put him in the hospital. Just like the pandemic put nearly 210 THOUSAND AMERICANS IN THEIR UNTIMELY GRAVES.

  39. Avatar

    Lester is wack

  40. Avatar

    F*** you to Lustre you're going to catch you shut your f**** Trader liar Deceiver 4 news reporter you're an a**** you're not telling the truth to the people you don't want our president to be alive f*** you

  41. Avatar
    Seriously Positive inspiration


  42. Avatar

    Lester sounds a little congested today

  43. Avatar

    Hey all. Please wear a mask and wash your hands.

  44. Avatar

    I am praying for our President Donald Trump and the first lady of this great country America that he and the First Lady will be healed by the blood of Jesus in Jesus Amen. 😘

  45. Avatar


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