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NBC criticized for hosting Trump town hall opposite Biden event

NBC has been criticized for hosting a town hall with U.S. President Donald Trump at the same time as Joe Biden is set to appear at a similar event on a different network.
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  1. Avatar

    Everyone will listen to trump, not biden

  2. Avatar

    Trump stumbling with women voters, he is losing steam across the board. According to RealClearPolitics, the president is trailing Biden by nearly 10 points in national polls, and also appears to be falling behind in key battleground states, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Of course, that doesn’t mean a Biden win is a sure thing: Trump also trailed in polls in several swing states at this point in his 2016 campaign, before winning them by a narrow margin, Politico reports.

    Nevertheless, there is one very important distinction in polling this year. With a sweeping change to voting by mail in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, the election is already underway as more than 14 million people have cast their ballots so far.

  3. Avatar

    Trump did really wel

  4. Avatar

    Criticism because they know biden will draw no viewers. Oh and go to hell cbc.

  5. Avatar

    Biden is getting Obama to campaign for him.
    Why? Desparation.
    The man is losing.

  6. Avatar

    CNNs handpuppet is the authority? That's a joke and a half, shift the focus to Orange man don't worry about our own failing country. Stay asleep and watch TV, be happy

  7. Avatar

    Scorched earth president

  8. Avatar

    What the hell… TRUMP said he was gonna do a town hall the minute he announced he wouldnt be doing a virtual debate!!!!! What a bunch of whooey

  9. Avatar

    You would think these to "journalists" might agree that there is a small difference in these two's conversation being virtual vs the Presidential debate. Just a little difference maybe.

  10. Avatar

    A lot of inside employee are mad … that’s the corruption right there

  11. Avatar

    Man , close the borders , some Trumpers are already among us infecting Canada.

  12. Avatar

    Trump 2020!!!

  13. Avatar

    No one's showing up to Bidens event anyway.

  14. Avatar

    Why the F…is CBC giving this douche time on Canadian owned TV network. Hmmm. Cause CBC is in bed with CNN. We now have garbage news. RIP

  15. Avatar

    can't wait to see the ratings for Bidens town hall event. nobody watched it. trump is gonna trump him

  16. Avatar

    My god Trump sounded like a FASCIST DICTATOR!! What a psychopath he needs to be evicted OVERWHELMINGLY

  17. Avatar

    Is that Mark Dice at 2:18 ?

  18. Avatar

    CNN?? Come on!!!

  19. Avatar

    What did Joe Biden's son do with the Ukraine government?

  20. Avatar

    We are voting for Trump again

  21. Avatar
    NexToronto WordPress & Internet Marketing

    CBC interviewing someone from CNN. Why am I not surprised. You guys keep getting ratio'd. Take a hint from the tax paying shareholders.

  22. Avatar

    The moment I see that CNN clown, I stopped the video. CBC you suck as usual.

  23. Avatar

    That was the worst case of TDS Ive ever seen… Could they have picked a bigger fool frothing at the mouth than savannah?
    He was a class act..

  24. Avatar

    Ugga Mugga!
    Hate Trump! Hate Trump! Hate Trump! 
    Orange man bad!
    Ugga Mugga Wugga!

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