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Navalny Poisoning : Decoding the Kremlins Information war.

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    Victory to Putin

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    Germany has to figure out which master it's going to serve.
    The u.s. who's gas price is too high or Russia who has a gas line almost built and the gas is cheaper. Who makes Novacek? I'd start there.

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    Excuse me while I go to RT for some REAL NEWS… I have already decoded the NWO forked tongue twisted Orwellian double speak…. yawn… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Putin is a world famous liar and poisoner.

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    Why did he film himself in the plane? Why did he have to cry? Everything looks staged.

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    Where the proof of poison by Novichok?
    Why Germany doesnโ€™t want to show the proof?

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    If Russians need Navalny to organize protests, and are unable to persist without him, Russians don't deserve any other kind of leader other than Putin. Belorussians are light years ahead, they removed all their leaders and they continue without loosing momentum. All countries should help them to take down idle idol.

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    Go to the Grayzone youtube channel if you want to see Jose Bustani, former OPCW director, denouncing corruption of OPCW current authorities by doctoring Douma chemical attack report. There, Aaron Mate has another video making a relation of the many inspectors whose findings were ignored in final bogus OPCW report. YOU WILL KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT IF YOU ONLY ATTEND NATO Mainstream media!!!!

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    Navalny in Russia is a political corpse and for a long time, he does not have the weight of the word at all, the last events on the "immortal regiment" of his supporters and not ordinary people, but on the position of finality, he was thrown out of the political life of Russia, he is a loser, in the Internet, in social networks it became a shame to say that someone is his supporter, the term "Navalny" acquired the status of a despicable person and many", he lost at least two-thirds of his already small number of supporters, even if someone treated him in the zone of tolerance, as I did, after the summer events, he became despised for me. So, the Kremlin clearly understood this, they are far from fools sitting there, and why the hell should the Kremlin poison a corpse that is a corpse and did not even stink, for the sake of the stench of today? Turn on your brain!!!!!!!

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    Talk about pushing a narrative!! People are sick of your fake news. Ooooh! ,let's blame Russia for everything! " it's going to rain tomorrow!" " let's blame Putins Russia " Grow up !

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    Ew smells like FAKE NEWS! EuroNews are as real as big foot…. and Chupacabra

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    So they poisoned Navalny but not to the extent he would die although they do have access to so many controlled substances that would guarantee instant death on contact. Then they let him be rescued at a Russian hospital and get transferred to Germany? How does Russia benefit from this 'poisoning' considering that Navalny has very little influence there?

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