NATO troops reveal how Putin's invasion is changing their training

by News Update

CNN senior international correspondent Frederik Pleitgen embeds with a medical team for US and NATO Special Operations Forces as they practice medevac drills.

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Van Hoang May 15, 2022 - 12:29 AM

, more war is coming from Russia 🐻💣👈😁 hahaha

Vivian Spinarski May 15, 2022 - 12:30 AM

NATO wants WW3 soooo bad.
change my mind

София Ларина May 15, 2022 - 12:30 AM

Ordinary people in the West know nothing about Ukraine.This is not a reproach.I have lived in Ukraine for 24 years.Already in 1991, after the collapse of the USSR, the United States set out to create a Russophobic project with the possibility of installing NATO missiles in a 4-minute approach to Moscow.Victoria Nuland directly led the anti-constitutional coup of 2014.Biden in 2019 appointed a prosecutor pleasing to him.Hunter Bbiden withdrew millions through the firm Burisma.NATO members have been training and arming the Ukrainian army for 30 years.My father is Ukrainian, my mother is Russian.The USA pitted our brother nations.

Michael May 15, 2022 - 12:30 AM

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy, a former "Actor and Comedian", (Height 5' 7") with a Law Degree from the Kyiv NEU becomes a viable President, color me impressed. vs Covid-45, a supposed Graduate of Wharton University and an alleged sex offender. A Draft Dodging "Celebrity Game Show Host". Who would so love to "Date" his own Daughter, (Height 6' 3" – Wearing Lifts and a Diaper) becomes a thespian, pretending he's a President, not so much.

fungusuas goodasufugu May 15, 2022 - 12:33 AM

Ze Ruzzian Army Zucks Zalls, Zuck You Putler, Slava Ukraine

The Kameleon May 15, 2022 - 12:33 AM

Medics and corpsmen are the most underated hero s of any army. They bring life where there is death in the hardest of circumstances more often then not under enemy fire.
May God bless them.

sashaisgod May 15, 2022 - 12:34 AM

That patient would need to be very high up the chain or have some other significant importance in circumstances where they need exfiltration during the night to guard against heavy losses of aircraft that would not happen against third world countries or fighting tribal forces.

Nick Nova May 15, 2022 - 12:34 AM


John Rigg May 15, 2022 - 12:36 AM

Yeah sure.. nato gonna show the world what there gonna do when the fight kicks off..

Javier Rodriguez May 15, 2022 - 12:36 AM


Adam Abele May 15, 2022 - 12:37 AM

All the while the Russians leave their soldiers dead, wounded or still alive without food an ammo somewhere in the fields. Leftover cannon fodder not important enough to recollect.

Berk Eser May 15, 2022 - 12:38 AM

Turkey is specially against Sweden's membership because it's been supporting Pkk, which is a terrorist organization by the way, by providing arms and political support. Tens of Turkish soldiers got killed because of them. If they don't care about our soldiers, why would we care about them?

PURGE3000 May 15, 2022 - 12:39 AM

Of course. Ukraine is NATO Trained and they getting whooped. They using guerrilla tactics.

Mariachee Bandidos May 15, 2022 - 12:39 AM

was that voice distortion really necessary?

captain Baboo May 15, 2022 - 12:41 AM

And taht's difference, for russians soldiers are just "gruz" (in russian gruz is load, gruz 200 is dead soldier) for western people they are humans.
Fathers, brothers, sons, husbands.

Putler na pohybel.

Eric Allen May 15, 2022 - 12:41 AM

#CHINA & #RUSSIA seem to be trying to divide #NATO

Frank Wood May 15, 2022 - 12:42 AM

NATO would roll all over pooptin 💩 & russia now, they have not much of an army after 🇺🇦 Ukraine has mauled them. They have the biggest tank graveyard in the world 🌏🌍🌎🌐

254sweetcheeks May 15, 2022 - 12:42 AM


ZZZ May 15, 2022 - 12:43 AM

TASS: Zelensky signed a law that expands the grounds for banning political parties in the country with a provision on a "pro-Russian position", according to the website of the Verkhovna Rada.

ZZZ May 15, 2022 - 12:43 AM


Roy Singh May 15, 2022 - 12:44 AM

Those medics and aid workers are the unsung heroes and heroines that are often under the spotlight, never seeking fame nor publicity and often not getting any. We raise our hands in salute, for many of us recognise and appreciate the work they do. So let their names be called out.

Eh… May 15, 2022 - 12:44 AM

The guy will be very identifiable to anyone even vaguely competent. His entire ear is exposed (as identifiable as a fingerprint, and available to match online pictures) he’s leaner than average, you can tell what age bracket he’s in, what his accent is, you can see he has very distinct facial features, and you can even tell he’s blond with blue eyes.

DUNIA cak kinco May 15, 2022 - 12:45 AM

Is the solution to opologize to president putin and admit what mistatakes are heavy
For the sake of creating global peace
– how good what no
Solution as this

James Bond May 15, 2022 - 12:46 AM

Diversus TV military May 15, 2022 - 12:46 AM

Ukraine welcome to nato!!!!

Johnny Azer May 15, 2022 - 12:48 AM

"everyone has a plan until the hypersonics, start glowin'" ……Baba Ramdass

Richard Farrelly May 15, 2022 - 12:49 AM

This war will go on for many years
Good 🤞 luck

Jess K. May 15, 2022 - 12:49 AM

Video not for children! Watch the video you will be shocked EVERY-DAYS.ML

Let's take a moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into content for us ♥

Avg Joe May 15, 2022 - 12:50 AM

CNN used to be such a great source for news. It is so sad to see what they have become.

Ian Christensen May 15, 2022 - 12:50 AM

Putin is a stupid little man. What have you done?

Emblem of Vigilance May 15, 2022 - 12:51 AM

The CIA trained those neonazis in Ukraine, just ask them for tips.

JoeyKnow ItAll May 15, 2022 - 12:51 AM

NATO to combat Russia: MORE DRONES PLEASE!!!!!!!