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Nationalist candidate Ersin Tatar wins Turkish Cypriot leadership vote

Local officials confirm he narrowly defeated the left-wing incumbent Mustafa Akıncı in Sunday’s run-off vote


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    Miquel Canosa Santeularia

    bad news

  3. Avatar
    Shayna Ghram-Kaiser

    Yuck! Nationalism is an abomination!

  4. Avatar

    Armenians have been warning about the danger the world is facing because of Erdogan. Don’t keep a blind eye.

  5. Avatar

    Bad NEWS 🏴‍☠️🇪🇺

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    Make America Native Again


  7. Avatar
    Make America Native Again

    Long live Democratic Turkish Republic of North Cyprus 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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    Power struggle continues in the region.

  9. Avatar

    Good news for Turkish Cypriots and Turkey, bad news for Greek Cypriots, Greece and EU. Wrong steps which is taken by greeks, such as threating Turkish Cypriots for a new massacare trying like in 1970s, and europeans let Turks to have more gains in the region. I think Erdogan is very happy to have such leaderships that he have to deal with lol

  10. Avatar

    Rajab Tayyib Erdogan is good man!

  11. Avatar

    Akinci was no more wanted by Erdogan since he had proposed turkish army to leave Cyprus.

  12. Avatar

    Erdogan banana Republic, wow I wonder how many people who voted are Cypriot and not Turkish

  13. Avatar

    This is great news. It's time for a 2 state solution! The T.Cypriots voted in favour of unification in 2004 whereas the G.Cypriots voted against – Yet it's still under economic embargo … This madness must stop. The economic ethnic cleansing campaign must be brought to an end.

  14. Avatar

    Abandoned….. rather poor choice of vocabulary. All this really doesn't change anything. It is all Turkey sticking hand into a sock and pretending it has a intelligent dialog. Politics on a 3 years old level.

  15. Avatar

    The Greeks are crying 🙂

  16. Avatar

    North Cypriot belongs to the Turks 🇹🇷

  17. Avatar

    By rejecting the Annan plan, Greeks showed time and time again that they have no intention of uniting the island anyway. It's about time to finish the open ended talks and agree on a two state solution.

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