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Nationalist candidate Ersin Tatar wins Turkish Cypriot leadership vote

Local officials confirm he narrowly defeated the left-wing incumbent Mustafa Akıncı in Sunday’s run-off vote


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  1. Avatar

    Well this is great news for somebody who knows what's going on, not me though.

  2. Avatar
    Obrador Aztec Eagle

    Thank God for social media and show us the other face of the true
    The Time is over fake News
    Never again fake News
    The Hypnotize box called TV
    Musicians speak sports speak don't be quiet as a mommies do

  3. Avatar
    Rozkminy Deliryka


  4. Avatar

    you better bow down to your Sultan or else ? ..

  5. Avatar

    Nato is useless we need European army

  6. Avatar

    We've been waiting for a resolution for almost 50 years. T.Cypriots voted in favour of unification in 2004 whilst the G.Cypriots voted against.

    The people of N.Cyprus are fed up of talks going nowhere while remaining under an economic embargo that's effectively in place to economically ethnically cleanse the island of Turkish Cypriots.

    What they failed to achieve with weapons in the 50/60's they have attempted with economics.

    Enough is enough! It is time for a 2 state solution!

  7. Avatar

    S.KOREA MOON Jae-in is either a diplomatic genius or a communist set on destroying his country ( bbc) S korea 's liberal rulers unleash their inner authoritarians ( the economicst) South korea is now under martial law

  8. Avatar

    Just what Greek Cypriot president was hoping for. Now he will resume talks of how to devide properties in the town of Varosha between himself and Tatar, their families and their fellow politicians!🤑🤑💲💰😁😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😷😷

  9. Avatar

    So what? There isn't a government in the world (except the Turkish) that recognizes his administration.

  10. Avatar

    time to respect people opinion if western world respect democracy lests recognise northern cyprus.

  11. Avatar

    So what?…another jester has managed to get the power of a non existing country…at the end of the day they are so many jesters around the globe who are ruling their countries without a reason & out of any square logic as the boss of this abovementioned snowflake…no more no less…goodnight Earth…and who knows?…maybe the masses will wake up some day before it's to late for them…

  12. Avatar

    Ersin Tatar the only one democratic of Cyprus. ❤️

  13. Avatar

    EUROPEAN 🇪🇺 👎🏽
    you european would-be democrats. we know exactly what you're doing under your coat. speak of democracy but deliberately sink refugee boats on the border with greece.

  14. Avatar

    Well I guess the west best start gearing up for another Cyprus conflict, Erdogan wil be egging the nationalists on into potential conflict !!

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