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NASA's Osiris-Rex spacecraft grabs sample from asteroid

A NASA spacecraft descended to an asteroid and momentarily touched the surface to collect a handful of cosmic dust. Michael Daly, lead scientist for the instrument that mapped the asteroid’s surface, answered some questions from two special guests. 

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  1. Avatar

    If you believe this you must also believe that covid 19 is a deadly virus.

  2. Avatar
    Brooke Skylar Richardson

    Here come the Flat earthers and Space deniers.

  3. Avatar

    We always get animations. Never real video 🙄

  4. Avatar

    Wow. Some actual reporting from CBC. 👏🏽

  5. Avatar

    Very fun and impressive. Congratulations to all. 👵🪐🪐🪐🪐🪐💫🚀🚀🚀🚀

  6. Avatar

    The kids are awesome!!!!

  7. Avatar

    This is awesome.

  8. Avatar

    Another step towards unlocking the mysteries of the Solar System!

  9. Avatar

    We're so used to the scientific marvels brought about by computerization I fear we can't fully appreciate the extremely small tolerance to error something like this requires. Sounds like those kids get it though.

  10. Avatar

    The incredible mathematical calculations to make this happen are astounding to the general public. Kudos my friends!

  11. Avatar

    Phenomenal achievement!

  12. Avatar

    What the heck is going on..??
    China has already claimed Benu as their own, and here are the Americans taking a piece of their sovereignty away..

  13. Avatar

    WOOHOO! I'm going to try and give Benny the Nose a long distance call and tell him the good news!

  14. Avatar

    Isn't this the start of that movie Venom?

  15. Avatar

    What a lie!? How would you know this rock sample is that of the birth to the universe at all before even testing it!?

    Science has become a bigger joke than religion has in the past 30-50 years. If not longer…

  16. Avatar
    AMC Internet Solutions, LLC

    Awesome inter generational spectrum of an interstellar adventure!!

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    chumforever1 code viprnate bro


  18. Avatar

    I've always found it ironic how scientists tell people to be rational yet name their greatest accomplishments after mythological beings or gods if you will. Though it's quite compelling for sure.

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