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Naruto Dance Show by O-DOG (Front Row) | ARENA CHENGDU 2018

O-Dog | 3rd Place [Front Row]

This, the Arena Dance Competition, is something all of the Kinjaz have worked very hard towards and something we put on together with our partners in China, Sinostage.

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  1. Avatar

    Literally just the music and choreography is making me cry like everything IS SO PERFECT HOW DID THEY NOT WIN THIS

  2. Avatar

    Anyone can tell me what is the song used when killer bee dance?

  3. Avatar

    jesus i want see this in live 🙂

  4. Avatar

    When tienes él poder del kage bunshin no jutsu pero lo usas para bailar :v soy integiente xd

  5. Avatar

    Oooo justo en el corazón😊😢😢hermoso 👍

  6. Avatar

    Alguien por el directo de rubius

  7. Avatar

    only 3rd place for these amazing people?! They deserve at least 2nd place! but i'm still happy ;w;

  8. Avatar

    what was the song for killer bee shit banged

  9. Avatar

    What the name of the song which Bee was rap?

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