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Nancy Pelosi suggests future discussion on Donald Trump's fitness for office

Nancy Pelosi teased a discussion about the 25th amendment, which pertains to the president’s removal from office if found unfit, which she said would be held tomorrow.
The House speaker also spoke about Trump calling himself a ‘perfect physical specimen’. She said the president owed it to the American people to share when he tested positive for Covid-19 after the White House refused to provide a timeline of the president’s testing before he was admitted to the hospital

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    If the Democrats are so far ahead in the polls as they say then why does Pelosi even have to mention this option?

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    Dems must be losing pretty bad..schemers and blamers. Theives and liars

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    0:55 has the best 😍💖❤️ 💋💝

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    All these noise would disappear after Trump wins the election. I may not be a Trump fan but I think he stands a better chance than Biden.

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    This lady has Lost her mind delusional hand movements and eyes crazy Nancy

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    Nancy Pelosi is destroying the democrat party

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    Pelosi isn't playing with a full deck, not the full shilling, 3 cans short of a six pack, it's quite evident to see. Dark souled one..void entity.

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    Follow The Natsarim

    Why is she dressed like the Orange man? 😂..It's not all gouls day yet!

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    Now I’ve only got her eyes to focus attention on, I realize she’s been at the daiquiris again 🥴

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    Billybob P. Czekaj 安闕亦

    What a psycho

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    The next USA government must invest in mental health. To avoid another person like Trump. Americans are the laugh of the world now.

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    It's theatre! the president wasn't infected by coronavirus!

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    How many eyebrows does she have? go to time 0:13 and pause

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    Why is she allowed to talk…she is the biggest failure….

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    This is the same woman who slithered down to Chinatown the moment Trump imposed the China travel ban! And she has the nerve to blame Trump for the loss of life when if it was up to her would have been so much worse! A big surprise coming your way Nancy Pelosi on November 3rd! The democrats will pay dearly for the way they’ve behaved over the last 4 years.

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    When do we get to discuss Nancy's pelosi's fitness for office?

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    Cassandra Winters

    Stop your nonsense Nancy.

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    how's that 2nd stimulus coming, Princess ???

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