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‘Naked ballot’ fears in Pennsylvania

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on scrutiny over a Pennsylvania requirement that would invalidate mail-in ballots that don’t include a second secrecy envelope.

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    well its easy.. read the instructions.. and follow the rules and your vote will count..

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    It's only going to effect Trump votes, they got what they wished for.

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    Just follow the instructions and your vote will be counted. It’s not rocket science. C’me on, people.

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    If you're too stupid to follow simple instructions, you don't deserve to have your vote counted.

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    Never should have changed voting laws, pure insanity. But just like the DemRats, they want to pack the courts, add senators, end the filibuster…. if they can’t win by the constitution to hell with it is their view..this country will not be divided by the racial radicals

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    Or ballets with trumps name on it will be toss out by democrats any chance they get . Biden is a big idiot and will tax’s the hell out of the low and middle class people and finish ruining our health care and good paying jobs will go back across the border and more illegals coming across and getting the same rights that America have and crime and drugs will sky rocket because the democrats want to legalize marijuana with the drug problems we have already , what the hell wrong with these people , kids will suffer because there to high to go to school or do there home work and they want to use drugs for there campaign promise and give illegals and felons the right to vote, you might as well give them free bullets for there guns that they will use to murder your kids oor family member while raping and robbing people. and then give them a get out of jail free card if you vote for the democrats. wake up you dumb ass’s there just playing you

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    And yes the democrats can’t be trusted with mail in ballets , look at what they’ve done in the last 4 years dumpy false charges and lies about the president and it start with Obama fu:k before he left office and Biden and Hillary was involved and look at Obama now his wife is getting the ideal how big of a joke he was, and Biden’s wife well do you see her standing beside him , Nope

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    So Democrats going to sort through all votes belonging toTrump only and make them naked, rendering them invalid? Plot has taken a new twist!😵

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    America has turned into a "Banana Republic". We can thank the Democrats for making this happen.

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    What is so hard about reading the instructions. If you want to vote go out and vote. You should read anything you are sighing. You should know what you are doing. If you see an extra envelope maybe you should see what that is for. Have we become this complacent in our society that we can not care enough to read instructions on something that is this important. God help us if you are just randomly checking boxes on the measure that you are voting on. These are serious things, not just a popularity contest. Read the instructions, do your homework. It is not that hard. God help us we are getting sloppy people. When did we start needing some one to hold our hands. No wonder our city’s are burning.

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    Public Nudity including ballots should not offend anybody due to the fact that this technique exists:


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    Republican voter suppression. Republicans could never win without cheating. Maybe when Trump is gone they will add least stop cheating out in the open.

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    I left the Democratic Party after being constantly being lied to by ABC, CNN, and others. I found Fox News to be the best.

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    Thanks to China and Joe Biden for Covid-19.The globalists know the only way to stop Trump is by hurting the economy. It doesn't matter to them who dies in the process either.

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    Adlai E. Stevenson

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    Not as bad as the Naked Bike Ride… but after the cuties movie I don't think people care about traumatizing people or children

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    Stop being distracted by red herrings. If the voters don't follow the very clear follow the instruction, their ballot will most likely be disallowed. Expend your energy on educating and helping voters from both camps to post a valid ballot – that way the election has a more of a opportunity to be free and fair. Be vigilant, be careful, be fair, and most of all be generous and then accept the result, see where mistakes were made, and learn from the experience.

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