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Nagorno-Karabakh: Exclusive footage shows bomb damage in border towns as violence continues

Residents in towns along the Azeri-Armenian border are living with the real threat of bombardments as homes and businesses are destroyed by shelling.


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  1. Avatar

    Armenian forces desperately bombing civilians

  2. Avatar

    Freedom for Armenia NOW! – STOP Turkey and Azerbaijan! Two terrible terror states!!! Erdogan & Aliyev > death penalty!

  3. Avatar

    Stand with the peace-loving people of Artsakh – part of the indigenous Armenian homeland for millennia. The Republic of Artsakh legally seceded from the Soviet Union as an independent republic and has never been part of independent Azerbaijan. Shame on Turkey, Azerbaijan, Israel for these blatant crimes against humanity.

  4. Avatar

    Long live Azerbaijan 😍

  5. Avatar

    why is he saying without interference, because Azerbaijan is famous for it?

  6. Avatar

    I need to get me to Ganja

  7. Avatar
    We Hate Dictator Turkey

    France should come quickly to Armenia's side.

  8. Avatar

    Of course, you will report in their view.

  9. Avatar

    This is a needless, stupid war forged on the two nations by Erdogan the tyrant.

  10. Avatar

    The solution of this conflict is crystal clear: the occupants must stop damaging territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, which has long been set and accepted by the UN and other world organisations, even Armenia itself acknowledges it. Just like the occupants in Ukraine must stop this policy if they don`t want to be eliminated.

    Azerbaijani people got really fed up, sick and tired of those so-called 30 years of peaceful negotiations that ended up being pointless at all.

    The situation is just the same as in Ukraine and Georgia. When The USSR was about to crash, there was a war created artificially so that to prevent Azerbaijan from joining NATO in the future. Thus the Armenians were and are just used to hold Azerbaijan. Karabakh has been accepted by the UN as Azerbaijani territory, but the Armenian government doesn`t care about the regulations and doesn`t take away their soldiers from Azerbaijan, besides from time to time provokes it by aiming at the civilians in the occupied territories. Azerbaijan is just cleaning its occupied lands from the Armenian army, who have kept Azerbaijani Karabakh under occupation for about 30 years already. We Azerbaijani people definitely don`t want to be at war with our neighbors, but that doesn`t mean we are going to stay aside and observe how our territorial integrity keeps being damaged.

  11. Avatar

    Wow crazy but not surprised all they know is war

  12. Avatar

    As we can HEAR at 0:25 the azeris launched a rocket from very close to the location where you are showing the incident, which means the rocket station practically is in the village so no surprise that the Armenian counter-attack can destroy the village. Thanks

  13. Avatar

    Macron a busturd. he influencing Violence all over the region.

  14. Avatar

    Armenia is conducting missile attacks against Azerbaijani civilians and civilian infrastructure in the major cities: the 2nd city of Azerbaijan Ganja, Mingachevir which plays a key role in the area, because of its reservoir and key power plant, Khizi and Absheron region. There are wounded and killed among civilians.

  15. Avatar

    Shame on arnenia shame on world look at this sitation.

  16. Avatar

    Azerbaijan should stop it and sit with Armenia sort out the issue.

  17. Avatar
    Ilhama Mammadova

    I am from Azerbaijan and 20% of my homeland occupied by Armenia.All world keep silence for over 30 years.

  18. Avatar
    Indomenian Indomenian

    Mr Trump, Mr Putin, Mr Macron, U guys r the president of most powerful countries on 🌎. So responsibility also much more than any other world leaders for peace. Please stop catastrophic joint aggression of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan, ISIS, Taliban, hizbullah… over peaceful Armenia and save Armenians. If Azerbaijan leaves weapon there will be peace, If Armenians leave weapons there will be another genocide and no Armenians will be left. Please do something and stop this catastrophic war otherwise history will blame You.

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